Sakuran Zensen – Ore Wa Sakuran Zensen Da – Vinyl

Band: Sakuran Zensen

Label: Topsy Turvy/Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl


SAKURAN ZENSEN is an explosive rock band hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Consisting of five members all born in 1998, the band’s mix of raucous punk with garage rock/rock ‘n’ roll-inspired songwriting has garnered significant buzz in the Japanese underground rock scene which has been spreading continuously all around the world.

Their smashing debut album “Ore Wa Sakura Zensen Da” was released on CD by SONY MUSIC JAPAN and now also on LP by TOPSY-TURVY RECORDS division of Soundflat Records. Alongside their totally out-ofcontrol and brilliant punkrock hits “Rock & Roll” and “Taxi Man”, which already gained popularity through their vibrant music videos attracting hundreds of thousands of views on social media, you can find nothing but wild and powerful, yet melodic pop-punk-tunes on this album, with just enough Japanese craziness and lo-fi garage energy to go wild to! While “London Boots” reminds one a bit of a faster and rougher Japanese homage to LINK WRAY’s ”Jack The Ripper”, the album also includes melodic pop-punk tunes such as “Don Dor“, “Matatabi“ and “Boy Meets Boys“. However, the catchy “My Harp”, “Blue“, “Hammer“ or “Curry & Rice“ are straightforward high-energy-punk-tunes to fall in love with immediately.

SAKURAN ZENSEN can be compared to a young, highly exciting and very Japanese version of THE HIVES – loud, fast, out-of-control garage-punk’n’roll straight from Japan!

GENRE: Punk/Garage/Rock
BARCODE: 4250137257952

1. Don Dor
2. Rock & Roll
3. Hammer
4. Blue
5. My Harp
6. Boy Meets Boys
7. London Boots
8. Taxi Man
9. Matatabi
10. Curry & Rice
11. Monkey O Mankey