Sarke – Allsighr – CD

Band: Sarke

Label: Soulseller Records

Format: CD


Pioneering extreme Norwegian metal act Sarke return with their long awaited 7th studio album: Allsighr Sarke exploit further their unusual mix of 70`s rock, 80`s speed metal and 90`s black metal resulting in an album full of heavyrocking and groovy metal, not forgetting the unique psychedelic, doomy and dwelling passages.

1.Bleak Reflections 04:43
2.Grim Awakening 03:55
3.Funeral Fire 03:52
4.Allsighr 03:59
5.Beheading Of The Circus Director 04:34
6.Through The Thorns 04:00
7.Glacial Casket 04:41
8.Sleep In Fear 01:40
9.The Reverberation of The Lost 04:51
10.Imprisoned 05:00

GENRE: Black/Experimental Metal
BARCODE: 885150704479