Schvedranne, Jack Hirschman – Vanity Vanity All Is Vanity – CD

Band: Schvedranne / Jack Hirschman

Label: Jarring Effects

Format: CD


Hold on! Lyon producer Schvédranne is about to unveil his concept album, produced with the legendary San Francisco poet, Jack Hirschman. The album’s title is taken from the Old Testament but mostly refers to one of Jack Hirschman’s poems. Vanity Vanity All Is Vanity sets the philosophical tone of this opus. It’s all vanity, we all follow the same path, the one towards death. However, this idea is neither nihilistic nor pessimistic. Rather, the idea defended is that of acceptance. Realizing that everything is futile and that our actions have no impact on the final outcome helps to gain peace of mind and put a little lightness in our lives.

The world is on the move, and you don’t have to be conceited, we move forward no matter what.
This postulate is the idea conveyed by this concept album which happens to be a real sound collection, like a film, with a rhythm and a scenario, alternating militant, intimate and metaphysical scenes. By immersing yourself in these 13 titles, everyone can experience, somewhere in their being, universal emotions and illuminate, as they see fit, their own path.
This record is a story of encounters, visions and common struggles transposed into music. Electronics, blues and trip-hop exemplify the words and poems of the pillar of the beat generation.

GENRE: Electronic
BARCODE: 3521383468159

1. At the lips of a kiss – texte integral
2. Insurrection / feat. Robert Spline
3. Weapon of Mass Destruction
4. Arme de destruction massive – textre intégral / feat. Céline Frezza
5. The Endless Threshold Arcane / feat. Robert Spline
6. L’arcane de Susie / feat. Marion Piqué
7. Sur un vers de Whitman / feat. Céline Frezza
8. Vanity Vanity All Is Vanity – Extrait
9. Human Interlude
10. Path – Texte intégral / feat. Gilles.B Vachon
11. All That’s Left
12. Venezia Intro
13. Venezia / feat. Robert Spline