Sense Of Creation – Forsaken Era – CD

Band: Sense Of Creation

Label: Revalve Records

Format: CD


Forsaken Era 2020 version is finally out and since it’s their first album, Sense of Creation would like to introduce themselves and the new Italian lineup. Sense of Creation is a Symphonic Melodic Rock/Metal band formed in London in 2009 by Lukasz Lowkis and Elisa Tomaselli. Lukasz Lowkis is not part of the band anymore as he decided to dedicate himself in the scoring composition only but he is still in contact with the band.

While not restricted to one genre, Symphonic Rock/Metal is the one which suits them the most. The concept of “Forsaken Era” has been in Elisa’s mind since the beginning of “Sense of Creation”. She really felt the need to create a journey through her life in order to inspire the lives of other people who have lived similar experiences. Sense of Creation started to play in many famous London venues, such as as the “BridgeHouse2”, “Camden Rock”, “Nambucca” and “O2 Islington Academy”. Despite this “Forsaken Era” was never released officially and for many years has been, one might say, closed in a drawer full of dust. At the end of 2018 after Elisa came back to her home country she decided with the support of his friend Stefano Capista to recreate the band in Turin. Sense of Creation are finally back.

Since then the singer decided to restyle the project and give a new look to the graphic of the album thanks to the talented Paolo Vallerga. Forsaken Era in January 2020 is now ready to be played live. The band obviously couldn’t imagine that just after one month a tremendous virus would bring Italy and countries all around the world into lockdown. During the lockdown Sense of Creation decided to create a new version of Forsaken Era. Working remotely with their first producer Richard Campbell at the Orpheus Studio in London, he remixed the whole album giving it a new look and at the beginning of May, they finally received an offer to sign a contract with Revalve Records.

01 ‐ Memoriae
02 ‐ Misery
03 ‐ Open Up Your Mind
04 ‐ Sorrow
05 ‐ Doesn’t Matter
06 ‐ Fear
07 ‐ Hidden by the Light
08 ‐ Voci
09 ‐ Alethea
10 ‐ Iustitia
11 ‐ Deliverance

GENRE: Symphonic Gothic Metal
BARCODE: 3616408732329