Sepulchral – From Beyond The Burial Mound – CD

Band: Sepulchral

Label: Soulseller Records

Format: CD


Hailing from the Basque country of Spain,the wretched entity called SEPULCHRAL crawled out of the coffin in 2016. Main composer, Dusk, gathered some ghouls to deliver an unrelentless form of putrid metal of death in the form of 2 demos and one EP. Now SEPULCHRAL arise from the tomb with their first full-length, packed with catchy, putrid, crusty death metal that will make you jump from your coffin!

1. The Funerary Dirge
2. Harbor of Drifting Souls
3. Ceremony of Putrefaction
4. Sepulchral Fumes
5. Cursed Epitaph
6. Coffin Miasma
7. Tombstone Thrower
8. Caravan of Putrid Flesh
9. Bastards from the Grave
10. Blood Freak
11. Eyes Like Burning Catacombs

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 885150704653