Sex Swing – Grade A Peanut Sauce – Vinyl


Band: Sex Swing

Label: Sonic Whip Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SW00001


“We are Sex Swing. We don’t have many riffs.“
Sex Swing is a British experimental rock band formed in London in 2015. The band comprises of six members, including Dan Chandler on vocals, Jodie Cox on guitar, Oli Knowles on Keyboards, Colin Webster on saxophone, Stuart Bell on drums, and Jason Stoll on bass guitar.

The band members had played together in various other groups before forming Sex Swing, and their experience and expertise in different genres, including noise rock, jazz, and experimental music, have helped them to create a unique sound that defies easy categorization. Sex Swing’s music is characterized by heavy, distorted guitar riffs, propulsive drumming, and dissonant saxophone lines, all anchored by Stoll’s driving bass. Chandler’s vocals range from deep dark whispers to screams, adding to the band’s intense and sometimes unsettling atmosphere.

Their self‐titled debut album, released in 2016, received critical acclaim for its raw and uncompromising sound. The album was followed by “Type II,” released in 2020 on Rocket Recordings, which saw the band refining their sound and incorporating more electronic elements.
In addition to their studio work, Sex Swing is known for their explosive live performances, which often involve improvised sections and extended jams. The band has toured extensively in the UK and Europe, sharing the stage with artists such as Swans, Hot Snakes, Thurston Moore, Liars, and Lightning Bolt.

With their uncompromising approach to music and their willingness to experiment with different genres and sounds, Sex Swing has established themselves as one of the most exciting and boundary‐pushing bands in the UK’s experimental music scene. The album was recorded at the brilliant Sonic Whip Festival in Nijmegen in 2022 and was their first European show since covid. Unfortunately, Colin Webster could not make the trip so the band ask long term friend, and Nijmegen resident, Otto Kokke from Dead Neanderthals to play. He says. “one of the highlights for me was that I picked up my sax,
walked around the corner and got on stage, plugged in and played a festival. How often does that happen?”. The band played a storming set.

The Passover 6:02
Nighttime Workers 7:44
Valentines Day At The Gym 7:10
Skimmington Ride 7:19
Betting Shop 6:32
GardenOf Eden 9:39

GENRE: Psychedelic, Rock
BARCODE: 9505931518460
RELEASE DATE: 08/09/2023

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