Silly Walks, The – Trash Attack – Vinyl

Band: Silly Walks, The

Label: Topsy Turvy

Format: Vinyl


THE SILLY WALKS are a rock’n’roll-trio from Montpellier, France. The two boys and one girl have been playing together since 2016 and since released one LP and two EPs. They have an incredible energy that they display during their powerful liveperformances as well as through their recordings.

Their new LP “Trash Attack” out on TOPSY-TURVY RECORDS (division of SOUNDFLAT RECORDS) is wild, raw and infectious rock’n’garage, just plain cool and straight to the point and without any nick-nack. Snotty boy-girl-vocals, raw guitars, a stomping beat and lots of cool attitude – they certainly know how to captivate their listeners. You can definitely hear some raw garage-punk influence á la SONICS, some surfy CRAMPS-rock’n’wildness and some trashy post-punk-craziness B-52’s-style. Listening to their rocking “Who’s Gonna Find Out” and “Watch A Man Die”, the tough lo-fi “Trash Attack” or the manic “I Want You Dead” you’ll be doing the blowfish – or at least a silly walk – in no time!
So be prepared for a musical “Trash Attack” of the very best kind!

1. Who’s Gonna Find Out
2. Trash Attack
3. Wrecked
4. Watch A Man Die
5. You’re Mine
1. I Want You Dead
2. Go The Fuck
3. Oh You
4. Do The Blowfish
5. Fuck Yes

GENRE: Rock/Surf/Garage/Punk/Lo-Fi
BARCODE: 4250137288468