Sirens Of Light – Nullus Margis Gothica Mmxxi – CD

Band: Sirens Of Light

Label: Damage Recordings

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: DAMRECSSL2021


Limited Edition CD of 500- 6 PANEL Digi Pak with poster lyric sheet. 

“This is the best thing I’ve heard since Type O Negative and the Sisters of Mercy…and their influences are unmistakable!” … Comment from Major Gothic YouTube Channel Yami Spechie on new Siren of Light video single. “.Putting melodic guitaring, moody deep vocals with a catchy chorus melody. This is such a perfect example of how traditional goth should sound 4.9/5 Gothicness”…..

Darker Side Of Music review of Revolver single.
“The Sirens of Light version, “Revolver“ creates a more threatening and menacing soundscape accompanied by haunting vocals that are perfectly congruent with the desperate and doom filled lyrics. This version is a wonderful synthesis of the disillusioned and foreboding message in the song.”…Melodic Machinations Blogspot. Reviews of album expected from Procession Magazine, Darker Side Of Music, Post Punk Press, Classic Rock Magazine, Electrospank Magazine, Melodic Machinations Blogspot and other to be confirmed.

Sirens of Light – Band Bio:
Drawing on influences from the earliest days of Gothic rock and the 80’s /90’s London Goth and Glam scenes – Sisters Of Mercy, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Southern Death Cult, March Violets, Rose Of Avalanche, Bauhaus etc. The band was originally formed in spring 2004 by musician and producer Andy J. Davies and James P. Quinn. Both members have worked with and toured with many bands including Rubicon, Last Rights (Fields of the Nephilim), Soho Roses, S*M*A*S*H*, Guns’n’Wankers, Delany,…

…About ‘Nullus Margis Gothica MMXXI’
The first Sirens of Light album ‘Nullus Margis Gothica’ was recorded in 2004 and saw a very limited release in 2005. The album was written and recorded mostly between March and June 2004 at Andy J.’s family home in Suffolk, England – a medieval church – using very minimal equipment and a mobile recording device. Additional recording and mixing were done later in 2004 at Earthworks Studios, London and at Damage Recordings in Herfordshire U.K. The album was always designed to be very traditional goth and to be listened to from beginning to end, taking the listener on a journey through an emotional soundscape of the dark, mysterious and macabre …..

Original copies of this release are now almost impossible to find……

Sixteen years later, in 2021, after the lost original recordings were discovered by chance, a new re-mixed version of the record ‘Nullus Margis Gothica MMXXI’ will be released on 8th November 2022…..

As much of the original recordings has been preserved as possible…some tracks were incomplete and one completely missing so the original had to be used…while at the same time updating the album to give it a more modern edge.
……..Come into the Light……..

Track Listing
1. Genitors of Luminarium, 2. Succubus Requiem, 3. Justine, 4. Flames of Kane,
5. Planes of Sorrow, 6. Rearrange, 7. Ultra Violet, 8. Siren of Light, 9. Maria,
10. The Prayer, (Hidden tracks – 11. Ezy Rider, 12. Justine (single mix),
13. Maria (single mix), 14. Free Fallin’ , 15. Revolver ,
16. Siren of Light (single mix)).

BARCODE: 5070002119104