Straytones – Magic Green River Swimmin’ & Stunning Tarzanka Experience – CD

Band: Straytones

Label: Robustfellow Productions

Format: CD


The fourth release of the Ukrainian finest psych/garage rock outfit Straytones “Magic Green River Swimmin’ & Stunning Tarzanka Experience” consists of eight songs and lasts for more than 40 minutes. This album follows the EP “Beware, Dark Lord! Here Comes Bell-Man!” which was supported with animation-video “Dark Lord” and received plenty of positive acclaims in Ukraine and all over the world.

New album significantly demonstrates the growth of the band in the realm of genre and further beyond. It carries on a lot of stories and replete with a variety of colors, but all of them perfectly fit into the Kyiv summer entourage. The title is a play on words taken from famous rock albums and songs which were put together in a way to make a jocular and genuine mood of the album and to highlight the artwork.

Straytones has roots in garage rock stylings, with heavy influences of psychedelic and surf rock. Imbued with a spirit of 60’s rockers and hippies and heavily influenced by modern neo-psychedelic vibes – Straytones may recall associations with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Night Beats, Wand, Ty Segall, Fuzz, Oh Sees.

1. Fire-Fire!
2. Broken Clock
3. Oh Sweet Seeds
4. Night Bird
5. The Key
6. Delusion
7. Super Hot!
8. Magical River

GENRE: Psych/Garage Rock
BARCODE: 2092021200659