Stygian Crown – Funeral For A King – CD


Band: Stygian Crown

Label: Cruz Del Sur

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: CRUZ147


– Epic, massive doom with nods to Candlemass, Bolt Thrower, My Dying Bride and Iron Maiden!
– Los Angeles doom crew Stygian Crown returns with their long-awaited sophomore album, Funeral for a King, a formidable LP built upon the foundation of epic doom and death metal.
– Cover Artwork by Kris Verwimp

1. Funeral For A King
2. Bushido
3. Scourge Of The Seven Hills
4. Let Thy Snares Be Planted
5. The Bargain
6. Where The Candle Always Burns
7. Blood Red Eyes
8. Beauty And Terror
9. Strait Of Messina

GENRE: Doom Metal/Epic Doom Metal
BARCODE: 8032622211474
RELEASE DATE: 23/02/2024

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