Thanes, The – Roh Und Lebendig Nicht In Koln – Vinyl

Band: Thanes, The

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR126


THE THANES have been playing their 60s style garage beat folk punk pop and odd little forays into the realms of the psychedelic for 30+ years now. These boys from Edinburgh have long become true garage‐beat‐legends who now release yet another legendary album on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS.

It had been fixed up for them to play at the label’s festival in Köln in December 2021 but as fate would have it it had to be cancelled as the rate of people catching coronavirus was on the rise once more. So, THE THANES thought, they’d meet up anyway and make some noise and have themselves a party.

So that’s what happened they gathered together — Lenny Helsing, Colin Morris, Angus McPake and Gordon Brady — inviting half the town of Edinburgh to join them as you’ll hear down in the depths of their Ravencraig recording lair, plugged in and had themselves some fun playing songs they were gonna play for their international friends due to attend the Ballroom Bash and, hey ho, the result is this raw ‘n alive studio party made in homage to those cool old live albums from the likes of THE KINGSMEN, THE PREMIERS and the 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS. C’mon people crack open a cold one and wig‐out on the dance floor to the big beat sounds of THE THANES!

1. In God I Trust
2. Gone Away Girl
3. I’ve Seen Darker Nights
4. Static
5. It’s Dark
6. What You Can’t Mend
1. Don’t Change Your Mind
2. She’s Coming Back To Me
3. I’m A Fool
4. Now It’s Your Turn To Cry
5. Hey Girl (Look What You’ve Done)
6. Glendora

GENRE: Beat/Garage
BARCODE: 4251896104594