Torture Squad – Devilish – Vinyl


Band: Torture Squad

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TTK105LP


TORTURE SQUAD was formed in 1989, in São Paulo city, having Cristiano Fusco as guitarist and founder, Marcelo Fusco on drums and Marcelo Dirceu as bassist and vocals. Playing in the underground metal scene in São Paulo, and with no recorded work until the beginning of the 90’s, all members leave the band except the guitarist. In 1993, Fusco recruited new band members and invited to join the band drummer Amilcar Christófaro (RTH), bassist Castor (TOXIC STAGE). Amilcar brought from your old band the singer Vitor Rodrigues (RTH) and guitarist Fulvio Pelli (RTH), giving to the band a new and real beginning..

Shivering, the first album that should be released in 1995, after several third parties failures, come out only in 1998, with the band playing in all possible venues and always giving much importance to take their own equipment to the concerts. They knew that with all the sacrifice to carry the drums, guitar and bass amplifiers, people would understand their music the way it was composed. The year 2003 comes and the band releases “Pandemonium”, which was chosen as the best Brazilian metal album in 2003, by the readers of Roadie Crew Magazine, the biggest Heavy Metal magazine in Brazil.

TORTURE SQUAD was voted to be the headliner of Brasil Metal Union Fest, one of the most important Brazilian metal festivals in Sao Paulo. The concert was followed by Pandemonium Tour with 25 concerts to promote the album. Between 2004 and 2005, the band released their first live cd and dvd, “Death, Chaos and Torture Alive”, and went on tour throughout Brazil for almost two years, promoting this first live record. In 2013, the band celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of the demo‐tape “A Soul in Hell”, their first studio record, which was celebrated in the Twenty Years Torturing People Tour 1993‐2013, that started in May in Europe, alongside ARTILLERY, GAMA BOMB and TANTARA, with 18 concerts in 20 days.

In October 2018, Torture Squad is announced in the cast of Rock in Rio 2019, October 4th. The band
performed on the Sunset stage, together with longtime friends Claustrofobia and also with a really special guest : thrash metal legend Chuck Billy from Testament. On the same day, performances of Nervosa, Anthrax, Slayer, Sepultura, Scorpions and Iron Maiden, turned that day into one of the heaviest of Rock in Rio’s history. 2021 comes to its conclusion with the band performing live, after almost 2 years off stage, the entire 3rd album “The Unholy Spell”(2001), celebrating 20 years of its release. Torture Squad is one of the main features of “Over Metal Fest”, that happens in December 2021 at Fabrique venue in São Paulo, Brazil. The fest also features Attomica and Troops of Doom in the line up.

After their appearance at the Rock in Rio festival in 2019 and a successful tour in central america, the band dedicates to the album Devilish, which was built overcoming all the difficulties of the pandemic reality. Devilish is an album surrounded by a darkest atmosphere, its lyrics show urges experienced in our century, such as the constant degradation of the Amazon rainforest and the population increasingly affected by psychological illnesses such as anxiety and depression. At the same time, it opens windows of escape for an imaginary world inspired by games, series and fiction books. In their second album with the new lineup, Mayara Puertas (Voice), Rene Simionato (Guitar), Castor (Bass) and Amilcar Christófaro (Drums) transcend the sound of extreme metal with maturity, incorporating progressive metal, influences from Brazilian music and symphonic elements.

The album also honors Brazilian heroes with a participation of Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) in the track “Buried Alive”, and a tribute to Rickson Gracie the resilient fighter of Jiu Jitsu considered one of the greatest legends in this sport, the theme of the track “Warrior”.The band also mobilized several musicians related to indigenous causes in their country to collaborate on the song “Uatumã”, making an appeal for the preservation of the Amazon in a song that flows in an powerful way with the speeches of the indigenous leader Raoni Metuktire and tribal rhythms. For the cover art, the band had Marcelo Vasco, a Brazilian illustrator who has already created artworks for Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Soulfly among others.

01 Hell is Coming
02 Flukeman
03 Buried Alive
04 Warrior
05 Sanctuary
06 Uatumã
07 Thoth
08 Mabus
09 Find My Way
10 Gaia
11 Farewell To Mankind
12 The Last Journey

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 0667619607701
RELEASE DATE: 10/11/2023

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