Ulvtharm – Wreko – Vinyl

Band: Ulvtharm

Label: Cyclic Law

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: 207THCYCLELP
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We’re honoured to present Ulvtharm’s first solo album. Long time collaborator of Nordvargr & Drakh in the legendary Swedish formation MZ.412, “Wrēkō” was incepted when Ulvtharm lived in Malaysia while remotely writing the “Svartmyrkr” album of MZ.412 in 2018. Since “Svartmyrkr” was written over such a long period of time and over a significant geographical distance, there were natural moments of inspiration that radiated away from the MZ.412 sound, moments captured during the ritual sessions. Listening back to some of the raw demos made at the time, it was obvious that some of the tracks did not line up with MZ.412 spiritually, and the idea for an Ulvtharm solo album was born.

Moving back to Sweden in November 2019, the creative process of dissecting and analyzing the demos started. When the pandemic hit, Jouni was thrown into a sleepless blackness for a long time, a mood that made him see the demos in a different light. This helped with recomposing and recording the missing parts, which were finalised in December 2020. This album is a deep dive into the mind and psyche during a dark time; it’s a revenge on the own self for not taking this creative step before, and a celebration of getting out at the tail end of the modern plague. He’s now letting the music and spirits free out into the world for everyone to see and hear. This is his darkness. This is his revenge. This is Wrēkō!

LP Edition of 300 copies. 3mm Sleeve, matt lamination. Printed Inner Sleeve. 5 Tracks.
Running Time 41:25