Various Artists – Destination Summer Sea Cruise – 33 Ocean Steamers For Your Vacation – CD


Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: BCD17710


A nostalgic cruise invites you to dream. We remember old movies, the departure of the great ocean
liners with small orchestra on the quay. In contrast to today’s mass tourism, a cruise back then was
still a genuine adventure. With this compilation we want to musically remember past times on the
oceans of this world and at the same time provide momentum for your next summer party.

Famous names and great unknowns
Besides great stars, there are many excellent ‘no-names’ of rock and pop history to (re)discover. Billy
Vaughn, Mina, Joey Dee, Harry James and Ricky Nelson everyone knows; but what about The
Techniques, The Shells or Helene Dixon? It’s a similar story with the songs: Frankie Ford’s Sea
Cruise is a classic, but who knows the rare cover by The Keil Isles? There’s also an instrumental
version of the classic Beyond The Sea by Earl Grant, plus surf rarities by Billy Mure, Rickey Leigh and
The Twins, and The Polaras. Doo wop and ballads by The Shells, The Ivies and Marlon ‘Madman’
Mitchell round out the soundtrack. Mina comes to us with an Italian twist, while Don Drummond brings
Jamaican flair. Rockabilly cats like Jack Scott, Marvin Rainwater and many others really make their
mark, and with Hank Thompson and Speedy West, Western Swing fans don’t miss out either! And of
course there are again notes to each song on the CD, as well as many illustrations in the 24-page

Frankie Ford: Sea Cruise Ricky Nelson: A Long Vacation Billy Mure’s Supersonic Guitars: By The Beautiful Sea
Earl Grant: Beyond The Sea Karl Hammel, Jr.: Summer Souvenirs Floyd Brown: Thunderbird Beach Vince Maloy: Soda Pop
The Ivies: Sunshine Rickey Leigh & The Twins: Seashore Stomp Speedy West: Rippling Waters Bobby Gray: There’s Gonna Be A Party (On The Beach) Chubby Chops & The Twisting Cyclones: Summertime Pete Cummins & The Redeemers Four: The Surfin’ Freeze The Polaras: Breaker Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys: Teach’em How To Swim Mitchell Torok: Teenie Weenie Bikini Dick Haymes & Eileen Watson: It’s A Lovely Day Today The Keil Isles: Sea Cruise Joey Dee & The Starliters: Twistin’ On A Liner Big Jay Mercer with Joe Anderson & The Groovers: Bermudas 
Marlon ‘Madman’ Mitchell & The Rocketeers: Bermuda Shorts

GENRE: Rock N Roll
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