Various Artists – Destination:Beach – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD


Your personal Rock’n’Roll soundtrack for the next Beach Party!
30 Tunes for Dancing in the Sand!
1 CD with 20‐page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

Summertime’s here, and it’s been so long since we’ve been to the beach to soak up the sun’s healing rays and engage in a day of red‐hot fun! Bear Family Records® has a perfect new soundtrack to accompany your trip to the oceanfront: 30 tracks that are all about frolicking in the sand and working on your tan while relaxing on your favorite blanket. Familiar names are scattered throughout the compilation; after all, no one knew how to throw a beach party better than Frankie Avalon, and his handsome pals Bobby Darin, Bobby Vee, and Freddie Cannon are here, too.

But there are also killer obscurities by Buddy Skipper and The Jetty Jumpers, Wayne Hollers, Al Barkle, and Ray Doggett, while R&B sax wailers Big Al Sears and Freddie Mitchell blow up a honking sandstorm. After the sun goes down and a cool breeze begins to waft in off the water, The Danleers’ dreamy 1958 doo‐wop smash One Summer Night is a perfect choice for slow dancing under the stars. Even guitar mauler Link Wray gets into the act with a surprisingly melodic Summer Dream. Pack the cooler, bring plenty of sunscreen, and pop ‘Destination Beach’ into your portable CD player at the first opportunity. Even on the hottest summer afternoon, it’s the coolest!

01 June, July And August ‐ Freddy Cannon
02 Beach Party ‐ The Fendermen
03 Beach Baby ‐ The Hi‐Lites feat. Randy Hard
04 Sea Cruise ‐ Scotty McKay
05 Beachcomber ‐ Bobby Darin
06 Footprints In The Sand ‐ The Marcels
07 The Rays ‐ Souvenirs Of Summertime
08 Beachbound ‐ The Cornells
09 Muscle Beach ‐ Al Barkle
10 On The Beach ‐ Owen Gray
11 Dance In The Sand ‐ Wayne Hollers
12 Down At The Beach ‐ The Pentagons
13 Heat ‐ The Rockin’ Rs
14 Waikiki Beach ‐ Paul Peek
15 Twistin’ On The Beach ‐ Jimmy Simms & The Thunderbirds
16 Beach Party ‐ The Duals
17 One Summer Night ‐ The Danleers
18 Summer Scene ‐ Frankie Avalon
19 Boppin’ On The Beach ‐ The Valiants with Sandy Vale
20 The Sand And The Sea ‐ The Surfers
21 Lonely Sands ‐ The Dunes
22 Blanket On The Beach ‐ Bill Courtney
23 Summertime Blues ‐ Bobby Vee
24 Summer Dream ‐ Link Wray & His Wraymen
25 Back On The Beach Again ‐ Buddy Skipper & The Jetty Jumpers
26 Lover’s Beach (Concerto For The X‐15) ‐ Linda Leigh
27 In The Good Old Summertime ‐ Big Al Sears
28 Seaweed ‐ Freddie Mitchell & His Rockers
29 Moonlight Bay ‐ The Drifters
30 Beach Party ‐ Ray Doggett

GENRE: Vintage Rock N Roll/Teen Pop
BARCODE: 4000127176745