Various Artists – Gogglebox Rock – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Western Star

Format: CD


Compilation album of Rockabilly bands singing songs about Cult TV shows of yesteryear.

01. The Coolest Undead Kids The Strays
02. TV Times The Stradlings
03. Joe 90 Theme The Persuaders
04. You Me & The General Lee The Dodgy Chargers
05. Jeremiah Howlin Wilson
06. The Ballad Of Frank Doberman The Holloway Echoes
07. The Word on the Street El Compton
08. Oliver Postgate’s Brain The Bad Detectives
09. Pardon my Genie Destination X
10. On The Buses Theme Howlin’ Wilson
11. Bill & Ben Boogie The Dellatones
12. Psychobilly Daleks The Surfin’ Wombatz
13. Archie’s Weird Mysteries The Stradlings
14. Time Tunnel The Twilight Trio
15. The Phantom Flan-Flinger The Holloway Echoes
16. Good Ol’ Boys The Red Hillbillies
17. Pepper Put the Cuffs On Me The Bad Detectives
18. Theme From Marine Boy Howlin’ Wilson
19. Catweazle Destination X
20. Fireball XL5 (short version) Howlin’ Wilson
21. The Ballad of Mr Benn Popeye’s Dik
22. The Great Manuel The Strays
23. Tales of the Riverbank Theme The Stradlings
24. The Munster’s Theme Howlin’ Wilson

GENRE: Rock N Roll/Rockabilly
BARCODE: 703694889677