Various Artists – Heavy Kraut! Teil 1 – Wie Der Hardrock Nach Deutschland Kam, 1970 – 1976 – CD


Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: BCD17721


2 cd digi pak with 96 page booklet!!
Limited German Import>>>>PLEASE, NOTE: liner notes in German!
• • With lavishly remastered recordings ‘Heavy Kraut!’ traces the rocky path of German bands from the pop and beat era of the ’60s to hard rock – just as bands from the USA and UK made it popular here.
• • The two-part CD documentary from Bear Family Records® on a total of 4 CDs, each
with an 96-page illustrated booklet, describes in depth the beginnings of hard rock in Germany, the attempts of bands, musicians, producers and record companies to go their own way, which finally put rock music from Germany on the world map of the genre with the Scorpions or Rammstein.
• • On part 1 you will find Asterix, Lucifer’s Friend, New Lords, Message, Silberbart, Toad, Birth Control, Eloy, Megaton, Weed, Scorpions, Night Sun, Blackwater Park and Janus.
• • Concept and liner notes by Frank Schäfer, born 1966, Dr. phil., for 20 years the metal expert for various daily newspapers and Rolling Stone.

At the end of the 1960s, Germany was still a developing country when it came to rock music. If you
want to hear loud guitar riffs, you would listen to bands from the USA and England. They dominated
record stores, dance halls and the few radio and television stations. But something is happening in
the state of the D-Mark. Bands like the Rattles, Lords, Tonics, Petards, Giants, German Bonds and so
on represent the sixties beat, now and again with original approaches.

The late sixties witnessed a process of revaluation of popular music. With ‘Revolver’ and ‘Pet Sounds’,
rock music establishes itself as a new art form. And a young, mostly academically educated
generation felt that its honor had been taken: If rock is no longer just entertainment, but is even taken
seriously by the bourgeois feuilleton, doesn’t a country with this great tradition in serious music have a
special responsibility? In the future, it will be about the specifically German contribution to the history
of rock music, the search for its own musical identity.

For suitably disposed ears, the heavy sounds roaring with brutality from huge Marshall, Orange or
Hiwatt towers – above all from England – from Cream, Taste, Free, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath,
Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, UFO, Atomic Rooster and from the USA the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Blue
Cheer, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, Blue Öyster Cult and Vanilla Fudge provide the everyday
soundtrack. But what is happening in Germany?

In the early days of German hard rock, there was a lack of labels, producers and sound engineers
who could do something with this music. But there were pioneers, producers like Peter Hauke, sound
engineers like Conny Plank (Eloy and Night Sun, among others) and above all Dieter Dierks (Wind,
Jeronimo, Hairy Chapter, Tiger B. Smith, among others), A&R managers like Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser (Birth
Control, Virus, among others), labels like Bellaphon, Vertigo, Bacillus, Pilz, Ohr and Brain (Scorpions
and Accept, among others).

The public’s reaction to early loud guitar sounds in Germany was mixed. On the one hand, rock fans
made pilgrimages to international festivals on the Isle of Wight or Fehmarn to experience hard British
and US bands; on the other hand, local heavy bands battled against prejudice, low audience interest
and poor economic conditions.

The two-part CD documentary from Bear Family Records® on a total of 4 CDs, each with a 96-page
illustrated accompanying book, describes in depth the beginnings of hard rock in Germany, the
attempts of bands, musicians, producers and record companies to go their own way, which finally put
rock music from Germany on the world map of the genre with the Scorpions or Rammstein.

Asterix: Look Out Lucifer’s Friend: In The Time Of Job When Mammon Was A Yippie New Lords: Fly Little Jeannie
Message: Smile Silberbart: Chub Chub Cherry Cindy & Bert: Der Hund von Baskerville Toad: Stay!
Wind: What Do We Do Now? Birth Control: Pandemonium Hairy Chapter: You’ve Got To Follow This Masquerade
Light of Darkness: Movin’ Along Eloy: Eloy Megaton: Coo Cookie Choo Weed: Sweet Morning Light
The Scorpions: In Search Of The Peace Of Mind Frame: If Night Sun: Crazy Woman Blackwater Park: Mental Block
Twenty Sixty Six And Then: At My Home Gift: You’ll Never Be Accepted Janus: I Wanna Scream Tiger B. Smith: Tiger Rock
Kin Ping Meh: Come On In Puhdys: Vineta Curly Curve: Queen Of Spades Black Mass: Spread Your Wings
Electra: Bemühe Dich Lady: On The Road Dirk Steffens: Things And Thoughts

GENRE: Kraut Rock
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RELEASE DATE: 23/02/2024

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