Various Artists – Soundflat Records Last Minute Bash Compilation – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: CD


Unfortunately the pandemic has played against us – even though we tried our best to organise another volume of our label festival we sadly had to cancel it again after all. However, to cheer us all up musically, here comes the 14th edition of the Soundflat Records compilation CD. Like every year, this CD contains songs (- partly previously unreleased!) by each of the bands who were going to play at this wild festival in Cologne. This CD is a fantastic item for your personal collection of Garage&Rock’n’Roll-memorabilia and souvenirs, but also a great selection of today’s 60’s Garage- and Beat-bands. A CD that shouldn’t be missing from your shelf!

The iconic Thanes from Edinburgh have been playing their 60s style garage beat folk punk pop and odd little forays into the realms of the psychedelic for 30+ years now and released several album and single releases. REVEREND BEAT-MAN Reverend Beat-Man is a One-Man Band who started his career in 1986 in Bern Switzerland with his band “The Monsters”. His music has its roots in the beginnings of blues and rock’n’roll, but with a “NOW!-touch” and totally TRASHED UP!!

Le Chiffre Organ-Ization is a trio of instrumental music. Library, Psychedelic, Pop, Groove are the main themes for this combo from the south of France, which has been practicing all these styles for more than three years now. THE REVOX Hailing from the steepest Alpine summits of Switzerland, The Revox are here to deliver their wild Rock & Roll and are ready to kick you in the most sensitive parts of your anatomy!!! They will certainly make you dance, unless you’ve got no soul. Fuzz on!!!

Wild, wild, wild! 60’s garagepunk outfit THE HECK is sonically a progression from De Keefmen. Feel free to place them somewhere in between The Sonics and Reigning Sound.

Human Toys is a punk rock duo from Paris. Poupée Mecanik (vocals, theremin) likes to play with female archetypes: subversion is the name of the game, humor is the rule. The arrival of guitarist Jon Von, ex-Rip Offs and Jon and the Vons, has transformed the band with a 100% new punk rock set, somewhere between the Ramones and the Avengers!

SALAMI SUX play a boisterous mix of punk, garage, rock’n’roll and surf. The trio from St. Pölten, Austria makes you sit up and take notice.

BEATNIK BANDIT Brand new mostly instrumental Beat & Roll sensation. Including ex-members/members of the Montesas and the Dark Vatter Combo.

GENRE: Garage/Punk/Rock/Beat/R&B/Surf
BARCODE: 4250137288376