Various Artists – The Memphis Blues Box – Original Recordings First Released On 78s And 45s 1914 – 1969 -CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: BCD17515



• The Blues – the iconic music that changed everything! Memphis – the iconic city where it happened! And now
– the Memphis Blues Box from Bear Family Records® – the best of the best from the best!
• • An incredible 534 individual tracks on 20 CDs packed into an LP-sized box – total weight almost 10lbs.
• • Memphis recordings from 1914 to 1969 featuring musicians from the city and region.
• • Introduction by blues harmonica star and Grammy® winner Charlie Musselwhite.
• • Biographies of every performer, many newly researched; notes about every song and recording, index and
track listing.
• • Many unseen photographs
• • Produced and part-written by Martin Hawkins
• 20-CD box set (32 x 32 x 4,5 cms) with 360-page hardcover book

No. of tracks 534 approx. 25 hrs. 20 min.

This magnificent new 20-CD boxed set with its 534 tracks and an accompanying 360-page book traces the blues as recorded in Memphis and by Memphis-area musicians and singers. Starting a hundred years ago with W.C. Handy’s tune Memphis Blues, this set includes classic blues, jug band blues and itinerant blues from the 1920s and ’30s, the R&B bands and small combos of the 1940s and ’50s, and the tougher blues styles recorded up to the close of the 1960s.

The box presents the recorded Memphis Blues as defined by the performers and their recording companies during the years 1914 to 1969 – the period when blues in its various forms was issued on single discs, 78 rpm and then 45 rpm, for consumption largely by the original audience – the people who listened on street corners, in juke joints, at local house parties, or in the bars, night clubs and theatres of Memphis.

The box focuses on how each disc sat within the evolving picture, either contributing something new, reinforcing trends of the moment, or harking back to tradition. At least one side of every relevant 78 or 45 rpm disc issued during the period is included, showing off the Memphis blues as it was offered year on year by artists and record companies. Among the hundreds of performers included here are: W. C. Handy, Beale Street Frolic Orch, Memphis Jug Band, Memphis Stompers, Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers, Jim Jackson, Frank Stokes, Minnie Wallace, Robert Wilkins, Furry Lewis, Jed Davenport, Memphis Minnie, Kansas Joe, Fleming and Townsend, Jimmie Lunceford, Douglas Williams, Allen Shaw, Charlie
Burse, James DeBerry, Buddy Doyle, Memphis Slim, Jack Kelly, Bukka White, Joe Hill Louis, Rufus Thomas, Al Jackson Band, Rosco Gordon, Howlin’ Wolf, B. B. King, Bonita Cole and Bill Harvey, Ford Nelson, Willie Nix, Junior Parker, Harmonica Frank, James Cotton, Doctor Ross, Elvis Presley, Little Milton, Tuff Green, Willie Mitchell, Bobby Bland, Willie Cobbs, Albert King, Willie Sanders, Big Amos, Cliff Jackson, and finally, tracks by Ike and Tina Turner when she was on her way up but the
blues on single discs was on the way out.

Whatever your preferred type of blues, this set gives you the chance to discover or re-connect with every aspect of the recorded blues from Memphis – the home of the blues. Significant contributions were made by acclaimed writers and researchers including… David Evans, Paul Swinton, Dick Raichelson, John Broven, Tyler Fritts, Hank Davis, Colin Escott, Chris Smith, Guido Van Rijn, Tony Russell, Bob Eagle, Rob Bowman, Steve LaVere, Brian Baumgartner, Dave Sax, Cilla Huggins, Helge Thygesen, Bob Eagle, Brian Baumgartner, Joel Roberts, Jim O’Neal, Dave Booth, Bill Millar, David Less, Judy Peiser, Bill Greensmith, Dick Spottswood, and many others.

CD 1
W. C. Handy: Mr. Crump and the Memphis Blues Victor Military Band: The Memphis Blues – One Step
Handy’s Memphis Blues Band: Yellow Dog Blues Memphis Jug Band: Sun Brimmers Memphis Jug Band: Memphis Jug Sadie
James: What Makes A Bow-Legged Woman Crazy ‘Bout her Knock-Kneed Man?
Baby’ Moore: Drop Down Williamson’s Beale Street Frolic Orchestra: Midnight Frolic Drag
Sadie McKinney: Rock Away Ollie Rupert: I Raised My Window And Looked At The Risin’ Sun
Blind Mamie Forehand: Wouldn’t Mind Dying If Dying Was All Ollie Rupert: Ain’t Gonna be Your Low Down Dog
Williamson’s Beale Street Frolic Orchestra: Memphis Scronch Furry Lewis: Everybody’s Blues
Memphis Jug Band: Sunshine Blues Memphis Jug Band: Memphis Boy Beale Street Sheiks: It’s A Good Thing
Beale Street Sheiks: Beale Town Bound Beale Street Sheiks: Mr. Crump Don’t Like It Furry Lewis: Billy Lyons and Stack O Lee
Memphis Jug Band: Kansas City Blues Memphis Jug Band vocals Jennie Clayton: I Packed My Suitcase, Started To The Train
Memphis Jug Band: Beale Street Mess Around Will Weldon:Turpentine Blues
Vol Stevens: Vol Stevens Blues
CD 2
Banjo Joe: My Money Never Runs Out Lewis Black: Rock Island Blues Walter Rhodes with ‘Pet’ and ‘Can’: The Crowing Rooster
Lewis Black: Corn Liquor Blues Pearl Dickson: Twelve Pound Daddy Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Minglewood Blues Jim Jackson:
I Heard The Voice Of A Pork Chop Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Madison Street Rag Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Springdale Blues Jim
Jackson: My Monday Woman Blues
Memphis Jug Band: Snitchin’ Gambler Blues Frank Stokes: Bedtime Blues Jim Jackson: My Mobile Central Blues
Memphis Stompers: Memphis Stomp Lemmuel Turner: Jake Bottle Blues Memphis Jug Band: Coal Oil Blues
Memphis Jug Band: Peaches In The Springtime ‘Mooch’ Richardson: Mooch Richardson’s Low Down Barrel House Blues Jim
Jackson: Bootlegging Blues Jim Jackson: Policy Blues Arthur Petties: Two Time Blues
McLaughlin’s Old Time Melody Makers: Dill Pickles Rag Keghouse: Keghouse Blues Tom Dickson: Labor Blues
CD 3
‘Mooch’ Richardson: Helena Blues Tom Dickson: Happy Blues ‘Mooch’ Richardson: Burying Ground Blues
Original Washboard Band: Jasper Taylor Blues Frank Stokes: Mistreatin’ Blues Frank Stokes: It Won’t Be Long Now Frank
Stokes: Nehi Mamma Blues Frank Stokes: I Got Mine Jim Jackson: This Morning She Was Gone
Furry Lewis: I Will Turn Your Money Green Furry Lewis: Furry’s Blues Frank Stokes: Stomp That Thing
Furry Lewis: Kassie Jones Pt 1 Furry Lewis: Cannon Ball Blues Furry Lewis: Judge Harsh Blues
Jim Jackson: I’m Gonna Move To Louisiana Frank Stokes: ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do Frank Stokes: Take Me Back Charlie
Kyle: Kyle’s Worried Blues Charlie Kyle: Walking Blues Jim Jackson: Traveling Man
Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Pig Ankle Strut Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Ripley Blues Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Hollywood Rag
CD 4
Jim Jackson: Bye, Bye, Policeman Robert Wilkins: Rolling Stone Robert Wilkins: Jail House Blues
Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Feather Bed Memphis Jug Band: Lindberg Hop Memphis Jug Band: Sugar Pudding
Memphis Jug Band: A Black Woman Is Like A Black Snake Memphis Jug Band: On The Road Again
Memphis Jug Band: Whitewash Station Blues Memphis Jug Band: Stealin’ Stealin’ Memphis Jug Band: Jug Band Waltz
Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Viola Lee Blues Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Riley’s Wagon Will Shade: Better Leave That Stuff Alone
Will Shade: She Stabbed Me With An Ice-Pick Keg House: Canned Heat Blues
Hambone Willie Newbern: Nobody Knows (What The Good Deacon Does) Hambone Willie Newbern: Shelby County Workhouse
Blues Hambone Willie Newbern: Roll And Tumble Blues Cannon and Woods: Fourth And Beale
Cannon and Woods: Last Chance Blues Memphis Jug Band: What’s The Matter? Furry Lewis: John Henry (The Steel Driving
Man) Part 1 Furry Lewis: Black Gypsy Blues Speckled Red (Rufus Perryman): The Dirty Dozen
CD 5
Frank Stokes: South Memphis Blues Minnie Wallace: Dirty Butter Minnie Wallace: The Old Folks Started It
Garfield Akers: Cottonfield Blues Pt 1 Jed Davenport: Cow Cow Blues Jenny Pope: Whiskey Drinkin’ Blues
Robert Wilkins: Alabama Blues Robert Wilkins: Long Train Blues Robert Wilkins: That’s No Way To Get Along
Jim Jackson, Tampa Red, Georgia Tom, Speckled Red: Jim Jackson’s Jamboree Pt 1 Hattie Hart: You Wouldn’t, Would You,
Papa? Frank Stokes: Right Now Blues John Estes: Diving Duck Blues Douglas Williams Orchestra: Undertaker Blues John
Estes and James Rachel: Little Sarah John Estes: Broken Hearted, Ragged and Dirty Too Memphis Jug Band: I Can Beat You
Plenty (That Hand You Tried To Deal Me) Blind Clyde Church: Number Nine Blues Frank Stokes: I’m Going Away Blues Frank
Stokes: Frank Stokes’ Dream Frank Stokes: Memphis Rounders Blues Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Going To Germany Cannon’s
Jug Stompers: Last Chance Blues Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Walk Right In Memphis Sanctified Singers: He Got Better Things
For You
CD 6
Mel Parker with Douglas Williams Orchestra: Leaving Blues Douglas Williams Orchestra: The Beale Street Sheik
Douglas Williams Orchestra: Thrill Me Noah Lewis: Chickasaw Special Cannon’s Jug Stompers:The Rooster’s Crowing Blues
Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Jonestown Blues Memphis Jug Band: Memphis Yo Yo Blues
Memphis Jug Band: K. C. Moan Memphis Jug Band: I Whipped My Woman With A Single Tree Brother Williams’ Memphis
Sanctified Singers: I Will Meet You At The Station Jed Davenport & his Beale Street Jug Band: Beale Street Breakdown Jed
Davenport & his Beale Street Jug Band: Jug Blues Memphis Minnie: I’m Gonna Bake My Biscuits
Memphis Minnie: Mister Tango Blues Jed Davenport & his Beale Street Jug Band: You Ought To Move Out Of Town
Jed Davenport & his Beale Street Jug Band: Save Me Some Joe Calicott: Fare Thee Well Blues
Joe Calicott: Traveling Mama Blues Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie: What Fault You Find Of Me? Part 1
Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie: Can I Do It For You ? Part 1 Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie: She Wouldn’t Give Me None
Robert Wilkins: I’ll Go With Her Blues Robert Wilkins: Nashville Stonewall Blues Jennie Pope: Tennessee Workhouse Blues
‘Bozo’ Nickerson: What’s The Matter Now? Part 1
CD 7
Jenny Pope: Rent Man Blues Jim Thompkins: Bedside Blues Jim Jackson: Hesitation Blues Memphis Minnie: Bumble Bee
Memphis Minnie: I’m Talking About You Mattie Delaney: Down The Big Road Blues
Mattie Delaney: Tallahatchie River Blues Garfield Akers: Dough Roller Blues Madelyn James: Stinging Snake Blues
Madelyn James: Long Time Blues Memphis Jug Band: Everybody’s Talking About Sadie Green John Estes: Milk Cow Blues
Memphis Jug Band: Oh Ambulance Man Memphis Jug Band: Cocaine Habit Blues Memphis Jug Band: Cave Man Blues
Memphis Jug Band: It Won’t Act Right Memphis Jug Band: Jim Strainer Blues
Memphis Jug Band: Fourth Street Mess Around John Estes: What’cha Doin’? Minnie McCoy & Joe Johnson: I’m Going Back
Home Memphis Jug Band: Bumble Bee Blues Memphis Jug Band: Meningitis Blues White and Hairiston: The New Frisco Train
Washington White: I Am In The Heavenly Way
McCoy and Johnson: I Never Told A Lie
CD 8
McCoy and Johnson: Don’t Want No Woman (T’Have T’Give My Money To) Minnie McCoy & Joe Johnson: Georgia Skin
Memphis Jug Band: Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues Memphis Jug Band: Stonewall Blues John Estes: Stack O’ Dollars John Estes &
James Rachel: Sweet Mama Kaiser Clifton: Cash Money Blues Kaiser Clifton: She’ll Be Back Someday Carolina Peanut Boys:
Spider’s Nest Blues Memphis Jug Band: Papa’s Got Your Bath Water On
Charley Nickerson: Going Back To Memphis Fleming and Townsend: I’m Blue And Lonesome Fleming and Townsend: She’s
Just That Kind Jimmie Lunceford & his Chickasaw Syncopators: In Dat Mornin’ Beale Street Rounders: I’m Sittin’ On Top Of
The World Beale Street Rounders: Talking ‘Bout Yo Yo Memphis Minnie: North Memphis Blues Memphis Sheiks: He’s In The
Jailhouse Now Gus Cannon with Jug Stompers: Wolf River Blues
Cannon Jug Stompers: Bring It With You When You Come Noah Lewis’s Jug Band: Like I Want To Be
Noah Lewis’s Jug Band: Ticket Agent Blues Noah Lewis’s Jug Band: New Minglewood Blues
Memphis Sheiks: Round And Round Carolina Peanut Boys: This Will Bring You Back
Carolina Peanut Boys: Move That Thing
CD 9
Noah Lewis’s Jug Band: Bad Luck’s My Buddy Carolina Peanut Boys: Selling The Jelly Memphis Minnie: Tricks Ain’t Walkin No
More Picaninny Jug Band: Bottle It Up And Go Burse and Stephen: Tappin’ That Thing
Jack Kelly & South Memphis Jug Band: Highway No. 61 Blues South Memphis Jug Band: Policy Rag
Will Batts: Country Woman Will Batts: Cadillac Baby South Memphis Jug Band: Doctor Medicine
Ramblin Red Lowery: Ramblin’ Red’s Memphis Yodel No. 1 Poor Jim with Dan Jackson: Sugar Farm Blues
Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe: You Got To Move (You Ain’t Got To Move) Pt 1 Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe: Give It To Me In
My Hand Allen Shaw: Moanin’ The Blues Memphis Jug Band: Tear It Down, Bed Slats And All
Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Bottle It Up And Go Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Insane Crazy Blues
Memphis Jug Band: Memphis Shakedown Gospel Minnie: Let Me Ride Sleepy John Estes: Down South Blues Sleepy John
Estes: Stop That Thing Minnie Wallace & her Night Hawks: The Cockeyed World Minnie Wallace & her Night Hawks: Let’s All
Do That Thing Memphis Minnie: Hoodoo Lady
Memphis Minnie: Black Cat Blues
CD 10
Memphis Minnie: You Can’t Rule Me Memphis Minnie: Down In The Alley Bukka White: Shake ‘Em On Down
Sleepy John Estes: Brownsville Blues Sleepy John Estes: Easin’ Back To Tennessee Memphis Minnie: Good Biscuits Little Son
Joe: Diggin’ My Potatoes Little Son Joe: Key To The World Memphis Minnie: Call The Fire Wagon Little Buddy Doyle: Grief Will
Kill You Little Buddy Doyle: Hard Scufflin’ Blues Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Beale Street Holiday Charlie Burse &
his Memphis Mudcats: Goldie May
Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: What’s The matter With The Well? Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Good
Potatoes On The Hill Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Dawn Of Day Blues Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats:
Scared To Death Swift Jewel Cowboys: Fan It Swift Jewel Cowboys: Memphis Blues
James DeBerry & his Memphis Playboys: You Played A Trick On Me James DeBerry & his Memphis Playboys: Oh, Liza!
James DeBerry & his Memphis Playboys: Single Man Blues James DeBerry & his Memphis Playboys: Spider Bite Blues
James DeBerry & his Memphis Playboys: Nummy Nimmy Not James DeBerry & his Memphis Playboys: You Can Go James
DeBerry & his Memphis Playboys: Insane Jealous Blues
James DeBerry & his Memphis Playboys: Zugity Zugity Zomp Gene Steele: Here’s Your Opportunity
CD 11
Gene Steele: Just A Little Of The Blues Jack Kelly: You Done Done It Jack Kelly: Diamond Buyer Blues
Jack Kelly: High Behind Blues Little Buddy Doyle: Sweet Man Blues Jack Kelly: World Wandering Blues
Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: You Better Watch Out Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Too Much Beef Charlie
Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Brand New Day Blues Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Magic Spell Blues Charlie Burse
& his Memphis Mudcats: Ain’t Gonna Be No Doggone Afterwhile
Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: It Makes No Difference Now Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: Memphis Highway
Stomp Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats: It’s Against The Rule
Bukka White: Parchman Farm Blues Bukka White: Bukka’s Jitterbug Swing Bukka White: Special Streamline
Peter Chatman & his Washboard Band: Last Pair Of Shoes Blues Memphis Slim: Beer Drinking Woman
Memphis Slim: Grinder Man Blues Memphis Slim: The Shelby County Blues Yank Rachell: Biscuit Baking Woman
Yank Rachell: Hobo Blues Memphis Minnie: In My Girlish Days Memphis Minnie: Me And My Chauffeur Blues
Sleepy John Estes: Lawyer Clark Blues The Delta Boys:Don’t You Want To Know Yank Rachell: Tappin’ That Thing
CD 12
James (Beale Street) Clark: Get Ready To Meet Your Man Memphis Minnie: Killer Diller Memphis Minnie: Fish Man Blues
James (Beale Street) Clark: Come To Me Baby (What Evil Have I Done) Memphis Slim: Rockin’ The House Al Jackson Band:
Long About Three B.B. King: Miss Martha King Tuff Green Orchestra: Let’s Go To The Liquor Store Tuff Green Orchestra: I Love
My Baby B.B. King: Got The Blues Tuff Green Orchestra: She Ain’t No Good Joe Hill Louis: A Jumpin’ And A Shufflin’ Joe Hill
Louis: Don’t Trust Your Best Friend
Rufus Thomas: I’m So Worried Memphis Eddie: Highway 61 Lost John Hunter: Cool Down Mamma
Lost John Hunter: Y M & V Blues Joe Hill Louis: Gotta Let You Go Mr. Swing with Bobby Plater’s Orchestra: Beer Bottle
Boogie B.B. King: B. B. Boogie B.B. King: The Other Night Blues Joe Hill Louis: I Feel Like A Million Joe Hill Louis: Boogie In
The Park Tippo Lite’s All Stars: Dark Skin Woman Blues Tippo Lite’s All Stars: Jumping This Morning B.B. King: Don’t You Want
A Man Like Me B.B. King: B. B. Blues
B.B. King: Fine Looking Woman
CD 13
Roscoe Gordon: Roscoe’s Boogie Mumbles: Little Boy Blue Joe Hill Louis: Walkin’ Talkin’ Blues Joe Hill Louis: Goin’ Down Slow
Jackie Brenston: Rocket “88” Ike Turner: Heartbroken And Worried Jackie Brenston: Independent Woman Roscoe Gordon:
Saddled The Cow Joe Hill Louis: Big Legged Woman Joe Hill Louis: Eyesight To The Blind B.B. King: She’s Dynamite Lou
Sargent Orchestra: She Really Treats Me Wrong
Rufus Thomas: Night Workin’ Blues Rufus Thomas: Crazy About You Baby Phinus Newborn: Tennessee Bounce
B.B. King: She’s A Mean Woman Dick Cole with Phinus Newborn Orchestra: Fine As Wine Mumbles: Black Gal
Mumbles: Jumpin’ Blues Willie Nix: Lonesome Bedroom Blues Harmonica Frank: Goin Away Walkin
Harmonica Frank: She’s Done Moved Jackie Brenston: Juiced Roscoe Gordon: Dime A Dozen Howlin’ Wolf: Moanin’ At
Midnight Howlin’ Wolf: How Many More Years Jackie Brenston: Tuckered Out
CD 14
Rosco Gordon: Booted B.B. King: 3 o’clock blues Howlin’ Wolf: Morning At Midnight Howlin’ Wolf: Riding In The Moonlight
Howlin’ Wolf: Crying At Daybreak Howlin’ Wolf: My Baby Stole Off Roscoe Gordon: Booted
Billy Love: You’re Gonna Cry Doctor Ross: Country Clown Robert Bland: Dry Up Baby Robert Bland with Roscoe Gordon and
Orchestra: Crying Roscoe Gordon: Two Kinds Of Women Howlin’ Wolf: The Wolf Is At Your Door Howlin’ Wolf: Worried All The
Time Johnny London: Drivin’ Slow Howlin’ Wolf: Mr. Highway Man
B.B. King: My Own Fault, Darlin’ B.B. King: Some Day, Somewhere Little Junior Parker & the Blue Flames: Bad Women, Bad
Whiskey Bill Harvey Orchestra with Bonita Cole: Walk Right In Bill Harvey Orchestra with Bonita Cole: I Hear You Knockin’
Joe Hill Louis: Chocolate Blonde Roscoe Gordon: No More Doggin’ Ike Turner: Trouble And Heartaches Roscoe Gordon: New
Orleans Wimmen Roscoe Gordon: What You Got On Your Mind
Earl Forest: Trouble And Me Earl Forest: I Wronged A Woman
CD 15
Earl Forest with the Beale Streeters: Rock The Bottle Earl Forest with the Beale Streeters: Whoopin’ And Hollerin’
Robert Bland: Drifting From Town To Town Johnny Ace: Mid Night Hours Journey B.B. King: You Know I Love You
B.B. King: Boogie Woogie Woman Joe Hill Louis: When I Am Gone (She Treats Me Mean And Evil)
Howlin’ Wolf: Saddle My Pony (Gonna Find My Baby Out In The World Somewhere) Bonnie & Ike Turner: Looking For My Baby
Rosco Gordon: Hey Fat Girl Rosco Gordon: T Model Boogie Rufus Thomas: Decorate The Counter
Mary Sue (Bonnie Turner): Love Is A Gamble Willie Nix: Truckin’ Little Woman Ford Nelson Quintet vocal: Frank Brown: Little
Annie Ford Nelson Quintet: Still Feeling Sad Woodrow Adams & 3 B’s: Pretty Baby Blues
Billy Love: Poor Man Johnny Ace: My Song Joe Hill Louis: Dorothy Mae Rosco Gordon with the Beale Streeters: Too Many
Women Johnny Ace: Angel Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland: I.O.U. Blues Rosco Gordon Orchestra: Ain’t No Use Rosco Gordon
Orchestra: Three Cent Love Roscoe Gordon: Dream Baby
Roscoe Gordon: Lucille (Looking For My Baby)
CD 16
Walter Horton: Little Walter’s Boogie (tk3) Walter Horton: West Winds Are Blowing (tk 1) Howlin’ Wolf: Oh! Red
Willie Nix (The Memphis Blues Boy): Seems Like A Million Years Willie Nix (The Memphis Blues Boy): Baker Shop Boogie
Walter ‘Tang’ Smith: Every Monday Morning Joe Hill Louis: We All Gotta Go Sometime Johnny Ace: Burley Cutie Bobby Bland:
No Blow No Show Roscoe Gordon: Just In From Texas
Roscoe Gordon: We’re All Loaded Leslie Louis: Don’t Do It Again George Lawson Orchestra: Blue Memphis
George Lawson Orchestra: Honkin’ The Blues Johnny Lewis: She’s Taking All My Money Johnny Lewis: Jealous Man Handy
Jackson / Gay Garth: Got My Application Baby Handy Jackson / Gay Garth: Trouble (Will Bring You Down) Howlin’ Wolf: I Love
My Baby Bonita Cole with Bill Fort Orch: Life Is Like That Bill Fort Orchestra: Gatemouth’s Ghost Jimmy & Walter: Easy Jimmy
& Walter: Before Long Chicago Sunny Boy: Western Union Man Chicago Sunny Boy: On The Floor Rufus Thomas: Bear Cat
Big Memphis Ma Rainey with Onzie Horne Combo: Call Me Anything, But Call Me
CD 17
Big Memphis Ma Rainey with Onzie Horne Combo: Baby, No No! D.A. Hunt: Greyhound Blues Jimmy DeBerry: Take A Little
Chance Jimmy DeBerry: Time Has Made A Change The Four Cruisers: Beale St. Shuffle
Little Junior’s Blue Flames: Feelin’ Good Little Junior’s Blue Flames: Fussin’ And Fightin’ Blues Rufus Thomas: Save That
Money Little Milton: Beggin’ My Baby Little Junior’s Blue Flames: Love My Baby Little Junior’s Blue Flames: Mystery Train
Doctor Ross: Come Back Baby Memphis Minnie & her Combo: Kissing In The Dark
Memphis Minnie & her Combo: World Of Trouble Moohah: All Shook Out Don Hines with Ben Branch Band: Going Crazy
James Cotton: Straighten Up Baby Joe Hill Louis: Hydramatic Woman Hot Shot Love: Harmonica Jam Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson:
No Teasing Around Little Milton: If You Love Me (Baby) Little Milton: Lookin’ For My Baby Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson: The
Woodchuck Raymond Hill: The Snuggle Billy Love: Hart’s Bread Boogie
James Cotton: Cotton Crop Blues Harmonica Frank: Rockin Chair Daddy Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill: That’s All Right Doctor
Ross: The Boogie Disease
CD 18
Malcolm Yelvington: Drinkin Wine Spodee O Dee Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson: When It Rains It Pours
Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill: Milkcow Blues Boogie Woodrow Adams: Baby You Just Don’t Know
Les Vendor [Joe Hill Louis]: Goin’ Away Blues Les Vendor [Joe Hill Louis]: Just Plain Tired Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson
Combo: I Feel So Worried Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson: Red Hot Rosco Gordon: Just Love Me Baby
Eddie Snow: Bring Your Love Back Home Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill: Mystery Train Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson: Something For
Nothing Walter Miller with the Saxons: My Last Mile Minnie Thomas with Slim Waters Lagoons: What Can The Matter Be?
Rufus Thomas with the Bearcats: The Easy Livin’ Plan Rufus Thomas with the Bearcats: I’m Steady Holding On Rosco
Gordon: The Chicken (Dance With You) Carl Perkins: Boppin’ The Blues
Sonny Burgess: Red Headed Woman Rosco Gordon: Shoobie Oobie Little Milton with Playmates of Rhythm: Love At First
Sight Little Milton with Playmates of Rhythm: Ooh! My Little Baby Levi Seabury & his Band: Motherless Child Blues Milliard
Lee Orchestra: Waughely’s Boogie Carl Perkins: Matchbox Rosetta Perry with Milliard Lee Orchestra: Farewell Blues Chester
Guydon: You Gotta Help Me Some
Joe Hall with Tuff Green Orch.: Coming Home Pt. 1
CD 19
Little Joe: Glamour Girl June Nance: What A Fool I Can Be Rosco Gordon: Sally Jo Wilbur Steinburg: Mop Bop Boogie Willie
Mitchell Orchestra vocal: Billy Taylor: Wasting My Time Willie Cobbs: You Don’t Love Me
Woodrow Adams: Sad And Blue Lightnin’ Leon: Repossession Blues Billy Garner: Little School Girl
Eddie Boyd: It’s Too Bad Billy Yates: Blues Like Midnight Cleanhead Cootsie: Big Legs Don Hines: I’m So Glad
Don Hines: Stormy Monday Blues Booker T & the MGs: Green Onions Frank Frost: Jelly Roll King Frank Frost: Crawlback Willie
Cobbs: Five Long Years Willie Cobbs: Too Sad Rufus Thomas: Fine And Mellow
Willie Cobbs: Lonely Boy (I Need A Woman) Willie Cobbs: Big Boss Man Donald Hines: You Had To Pay Bear Family Records
Big John: Astronote Blues Calvin Newborn: West Memphis Blues Willie Sanders and The Binghampton Blues Boys: Classic
Cross Cut Saw Big Lucky and The Millionaires Band: My Sweetheart Is Like A Gypsy
Big Lucky Carter with Prince Gabe and The Millionaires: Hurricane Blues Earl Forest: Now It’s Alright
Mills Allen: Here It Is (Instr)
CD 20
Billy Adams: Rock Me Baby The Jesters: My Babe Reco Collins: Never Let Me Go
Willie Wilkes: You Don’t Know How It Feels To Have The Blues Big Amos: He Won’t Bite Me Twice
Clyde Hopkins: Fatten Pin Albert King: Laundromat Blues Albert King w/ Stevie Ray Vaughan: Overall Junction
Junior Parker: Man Or Mouse Junior Parker: Just Like A Fish Albert King: Crosscut Saw Junior Parker: You Can Make It If You
Try Junior Parker: Country Girl Big Amos: I’m Gone Bobby Bland: A Touch Of The Blues
Claude Johnson: I Am Blue And Lonesome Claude Johnson: Sitting Here Thinking Rufus Thomas: Steady Holding On The
Three Tuffs: What A Dream The Three Tuffs: A Man’s A Fool Junior Kimbell [Kimbrough]: You Can’t Leave Me Big Lucky
Carter: Miss Betty Green Big Lucky Carter: Goofer Dust Big Lucky Carter: I’ve Been Hurt
Cliff Jackson & Jellean Delk with the Naturals: Frank This Is It Cliff Jackson & the Naturals: Nine Below Zero
Ike & Tina Turner: Crazy ‘Bout You Baby Ike & Tina Turner: Mean Old World Gus Cannon: Walk Right In

GENRE: Memphis Blues
BARCODE: 4000127175151
RELEASE DATE: 20/10/2023

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