Various Artists – The Sound Of Wedding Bells – A Valentine’s Day Compilation – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family Records

Format: CD


Season’s Greetings: The Sound Of Wedding Bells ‐ A Valentine’s Day Compilation (CD)
1‐CD with 20‐page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79:00 min.
* Isn’t Valentine’s Day the perfect occasion to make wedding plans?
* With ‘The Sound Of Wedding Bells’ Bear Family Records® provides the perfect soundtrack!
* 33 nostalgic songs from 1934 to 1962 underline the timeless romanticism of the theme.
* Ballads, but especially up‐tempo numbers from swing, country, teenage sound, rockabilly. And orchestral sounds ‐ everything around the romantic theme of marriage!
* Besides well‐known artists like Gene Vincent, Sheb Wooley and Brenda Lee, we deliver quite a few rarities, recordings that appear here on CD for the first time.
* Well worth listening to for those who are not willing to get married ‐ maybe they will change their minds…
* The full‐colour 20‐page booklet contains rare photos and memorabilia, as well as an accompanying text for each song, written by producer Marc Mittelacher.

Valentine’s Day and the Wedding Spirit 
Our Valentine’s Day compilations can be heard throughout the year. We think the longing and thoughts to the beloved should not be limited to one day a year. With this issue, we combine Valentine’s Day with the theme of getting married. Unmarried people will start dreaming about it, while already married people will reminisce while listening to this CD. Although there are many up‐tempo songs to listen to, it is still quite romantic.

Hits and Rarities
This compilation delivers some rare recordings, e.g. by Nat Nyll and Orchestra or a very rare recording for Imperial Records by Terri & The Kittens. Who remembers The Tarriers on the Glory label? Or a Sun recording from Memphis by a certain O.C. Holt, unreleased at the time? Well‐known titles are balanced with rarities.

Gene Vincent’s obligatory Wedding Bells, Brenda Lee’s Let’s Jump The Broomstick and Donnie Brooks’ Mission Bell are among the better known titles. And of course, the classic Love And Marriage in the version of the McGuire Sisters can’t be missed! British artists include Eve Boswell, Frank Weir, Rikki Henderson, Tommy Steele, Victor Silvester, Jack Hylton, The Brook Brothers and the great Lorrae Desmond! Our CD compilation offers a potpourri of diverse styles: Teen Rock, Country & Western, Big Band Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Pop Crooner, Rockabilly, Doo Wop, Ballads ‐ what more could you ask for? The CD includes a 20‐page color booklet with many rare photos and nostalgic illustrations, as well as an accompanying text by the producer for each song!

Track listing:
01 Gonna Marry That Girl ‐ Bob Robin with Cliffie Stone’s Orchestra
02 The Hook ‐ Bill Darnel
03 Ready, Willing And Able ‐ Eve Boswell
04 Teenage Wedding ‐ Dennis Bell
05 Mission Bell ‐ Donnie Brooks
06 Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine) ‐ Gene Vincent & Blue Caps
07 Married To You ‐ Ginny Arnell
08 Let’s Jump The Broomstick ‐ Brenda Lee
09 With This Ring ‐ Jerry Wallace
10 Teen‐Age Wedding ‐ Jimmy Lee (Jimmy Lee Fautheree)
11 Rich Boy, Poor Boy ‐ The Knockouts
12 Do You Hear Wedding Bells ‐ The Jive Five with Eugene Pitt
13 Pink Wedding Gown ‐ O.C. Holt
14 Jeannie’s Wedding ‐ Otis Blackwell
15 Peggy Sue Got Married ‐ Rikki Henderson
16 It’s Almost Time ‐ Sheb Wooley
17 Church Bells May Ring ‐ Sunny Gale
18 White Wedding ‐ Nat Nyll & The New Concert Orchestra
19 Love Bells ‐ Victor Silvester & His Ballroom Orchestra
20 Honeymoon Hotel ‐ Jack Hilton & His Orchestra
21 When A Boy From The Mountains (Weds A Girl From The Valley) ‐ Jimmie Davis
22 Honeymoonin’ ‐ Billy & Lillie
23 Pretty Boy ‐ The Tarriers
24 Caribbean Honeymoon ‐ Frank Weir & His Orchestra
25 Put A Ring On Her Finger ‐ Tommy Steele
26 Ding Dong Rock‐A‐Billy Weddin’ ‐ Lorrae Desmond
27 Let’s Get Married ‐ The Belvederes
28 Married ‐ The Brook Brothers
29 Wedding Bells (Just For You And Me) ‐ Terri & The Kittens
30 Don’t Stop The Wedding ‐ Ann Cole
31 The Wedding ‐ June Valli
32 The Honeymoon’s Over ‐ Betty Hutton & Tennessee Ernie Ford
33 Love And Marriage ‐ The McGuire Sisters

GENRE: Vintage Pop/Rock N Roll/Teen Pop
BARCODE: 5397102176548