Vukovar – The Great Immurement – CD

Band: Vukovar

Label: Other Voices Records

Format: CD


Our favorite post-punk, post-pop, post-industrial, post-everything formation returns with the second part of Eternity Ends Here triptych. All Vukovar’s hooks are here. They still smoothly waltz out of time, out of genres. As usual, the music is filled to the limit with quotes, like Cortazar’s novels, making listening to an unforgettable experience of magical realism. So we weren’t too surprised to find a cover version of the Current 93 song (originally named Rome For Douglas P.) on the new album.

Most likely this music is not for club dance floors and noisy stadiums (although it is quite suitable for slow drunk dancing in the rain). Vukovar’s songs are gentle and multi-layered and slowly unfold into beautiful whimsical flowers to a patient listener.

1. Your Icarus
2. The Solar Anus Pt.1
3. The Solar Anus Pt.2
4. Psalm 142
5. When Rome Falls
6. The Immortal Hour
7. Sculpt The Sculptor
8. O Eden
9. The Nurses
10. Cement And Cerement
11. The Great Immured And His Sea Of Love

GENRE: Post-Punk/Synth-Pop/Industrial/Neofolk
BARCODE: 710473186520