Watching Tides – We’ve Been So Close, Yet So Alone – Vinyl

Band: Watching Tides

Label: This Charming Man Records

Format: Vinyl


This Album is intense, almost too bombastic and precice to believe there are only three people on stage. To be honest, my big emo-times were the late 90s – midwest sound a la Crank or Caulfield. And since one year ago i never heard of this berlin three-piece. Watching Tides fit more into the later wave of emotional Hardcore, with atmospheric guitarlayers like early Piano Become The Teeth, with a more edgy sound. Technicwise they are very close to Cascet Lottery, with nice rhythms and a top notch drumming. You can find a bit of a Grundge vibe as well, the singing reminds a bit of Tigers Jaw or Basement, without being too pathetic.

So if you dig this kind of bands and imagine to add some punk as well, you might end up
loving Watching Tides.

We’ve Been So Close, Yet So Alone – Nothing – Tell Me I’m Fine – Stranger Friend – Too Heavy – The
Calm In This Room – It Will Hurt Whatever – I Will Make It Up To You – Everything I Felt For You –
Your Silence Says It All

GENRE: Postpunk/Emocore
BARCODE: 4059251434108