ZU – The Lost Demo – Vinyl


Band: ZU

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SSR00127


Since 1995, the three founding members of Zu (Jacopo Battaglia, Luca Mai and Massimo Pupillo), spent pretty much all their daytime in a rehearsal room in Rome playing together and trying to find their own unique voice. A deep link being their shared love for NoMeansNo and The Ruins, but bringing in all kinds of different influences and taste, the three didn’t exclude any possibility: hence you will hear
electronic sequences, tape manipulations, acoustic cello ( played by their friend Francesco Chiari), and of course their first iconoclastic outbursts for sax, bass and drums.

A lot more was already part of Zu’s DNA, including an instinctive ability to digest the myriads of influences that permeated them, without ever copying anything but transforming it all into their own personal voice. After about two years of intense rehearsals, this tape was the first demo they sent out. The cassette circulated around so much that Zu themselves no longer found a copy, until recently when one mysteriously reappeared, intact and still perfectly listenable: which, digitalised and mastered, becomes now, 25 years later, The Lost Demo.

1 Villa Belmonte
2 Cane Maggiore
3 Shin Jin Rui
1 El Nino
2 Film Nero

GENRE: Experimental Prog/Jazz/Metal
BARCODE: 0739608910731
RELEASE DATE: 21/06/2024

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