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Dayglo Abortions - Little Man In The Canoe - CD

Dayglo Abortions – Little Man In The Canoe – CD

Little Man In A Canoe is the fifth Dayglo Abortions album, and first without The Cretin in the group. This recording marks the debut of Gymbo Jak’s sandblasting vocals taking over on microphone duty. A great, heavy, clear production with a trashy punk / metal approach for an auditory experience like no other. Back in circulation due to popular demand!TRACKLISTING01. Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads02. Casting Couch03. Big Michel04. Man Bites Dog05. Little Man In The Canoe06. You Are So Boring07. Cash Bash08. Skatan’s Kids09 ...
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Dayglo Abortions - Corporate Whores - CD

Dayglo Abortions – Corporate Whores – CD

Corporate Whores is the 1996 album by the Dayglo Abortions. It is the second album by the band without The Cretin and with Gymbo Jak as lead vocalist. This release contains fifteen rapid-fire tracks of in-yourface punk & metal charged fury that you will either love or loathe!! Either way, you WILL have an opinion. Back-in-print due to popular demand. TRACKLISTING01. Wasted Not Worried02. Chalk One Up03. Urinal Disk Sandwich04. Dysfuntional Family05. Whiney’s Poster06. Sperm’s Point Of View07. Jerry’s Retards08 ...
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Dayglo Abortions - Death Race 2000 - CD

Dayglo Abortions – Death Race 2000 – CD

Death Race 2000 is the band’s seventh album which marks the triumphant return of Murray “The Cretin” Acton. DR2000 offers up an intoxicating drunk-punk style as opposed to some of their metal-edged albums. Rude, crude, lewd and back in print due to popular demand!! Argh, fuck, kill!!TRACKLISTING01. After All These Beers02. My Mother Was A Man03. Oh Wendy-O04. Drink Beer Smoke Pot05. Just Can’t Say No To Drugs06. Executioner’s Song07. One Cheque From The Street08. Marijuanathon09. Land Of The Midnight Sun10. Ben ...
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Dayglo Abortions - Holy Shite - CD

Dayglo Abortions – Holy Shite – CD

Dayglo is back and charged with their eighth offence called Holy Shiite !! This recording is a perfect blend of punk and metal and has them poised to contaminate yet another generation !! TRACKLISTING01. Holy Shiite02. America Eats Her Young03. Let’s Get Drunk04. Gutter Ball05. Christina Bin Laden06. Surfer Girl07. When The Big Hand Meets The Little Hand08. Release The Hostages09. How Low Will You Go?10. My Kingdom On Earth11. Is This How A Punk Song Goes?12. Scientology13. Where’s Bin ...
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Dr. Know - Killing For God - Vinyl

Dr. Know – Killing For God – Vinyl

Life…returns! Oxnard, California punk veterans are back with a new full-length album entitled Killing For God! Fourteen ripping new tracks of early 80’s sounding hardcore in the classic Dr. Know style, showing they haven’t lost their edge or slowed down one bit! For fans of SoCal punk bands like RKL, Battalion of Saints, Adolescents and Agression.TRACKLISTINGA1. Father, Son and Holy ShitA2. Tears Of BlackA3. Truck With No BrakesA4. Champagne and ShitA5. CartoonA6. Die Hippie DieA7. Innocence FallsA8. Mother and FatherB1. Program The ManB2 ...
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Enkel - Love Hurts - CD

Enkel – Love Hurts – CD

Love Hurts is the third studio album of ENKEL.ENKEL are a Finnish folk music quartet made up of two melodeons, kantele, viola and four voices;four personable, unique and folky women with their instruments, sharing a great passion fortraditional music and forever actual folk songs and danceable hit tunes.The Love Hurts album had a good time to mature. ”We took our time picking the tunes and givingthem love and attention over the years. We feel it can be heard in the ...
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Paivi Hirvonen - Kallio - CD

Paivi Hirvonen – Kallio – CD

Päivi Hirvonen, the internationally acclaimed Finnish singer, fiddle and bowed lyre player, releasesher second solo album Kallio on Friday, 26 August. Hirvonen has been touring the world for yearsboth solo and with the group Okra Playground. Her music is based on the diverse roots of folk musicbut spices up the mixture with film music and pop influences. Hirvonen’s first solo album Alku – TheBeginning (Nordic Notes, 2018) was released to impressive international reviews and got nominatedin Finland for the prestigious Emma ...
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Alice In Wonderband - Rikataka - CD

Alice In Wonderband – Rikataka – CD

Balkan sounds with a difference! The Alice In WonderBand from Serbia celebrates an unusual andconvincing genre mix on their debut album "RikaTaka". The duo is not afraid of new sounds!Acoustic and unusual sounds combine with the music tradition of the Balkans. Folk songs fromSerbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Greece, Turkey, Kosovo and evenHungary make you curious about the rich musical tradition of the region.Alice In WonderBand is a long-standing project of musicians and theatre makers Ana Vrbaski andMarko ...
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Okra Playground - Itku - CD

Okra Playground – Itku – CD

The internationally acclaimed Finnish six-piece group Okra Playground is releasing their highlyanticipated third album on Friday, October 28, 2022. The group’s music is a combination oftraditional Finnish folk, electro and pop–rock, where three mighty female voices, present-day lyricsand hypnotic rhythms create an energetic and relentlessly electrifying sound.The themes on ITKU focus on change, growth and opposites. “The songs deal with such global andsocietal issues as war, pandemic and mental health. Many of the songs were created already before therecent big ...
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Solju - Uvjamuohta/Powder Snow - CD

Solju – Uvjamuohta/Powder Snow – CD

Spring, the favorite time in Sápmi, when your spirits are enlivened by the sunrays.The mountain birches and the whole environment shine silvery.The yoiks in this album have their origin in one particular spring when the two of us herded together.It was special to follow nature’s variation. To find one’s way to the herd through snowstorms in theevening and to enjoy those balmy days with fair weather. That was when new yoiks came about.GENRE: Folk FinlandBARCODE: 0647016904559 ...
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Uusikuu - Karuselli - CD

Uusikuu – Karuselli – CD

Uusikuu celebrate their Sweet Sixteen anniversary with their fifth album "Karuselli" and light 16candles on their birthday cake. In 2006, Finnish singer Laura Ryhänen, violinist Mikko Kuisma, andGerman accordionist Norbert Bremes founded the world music ensemble Uusikuu (New Moon) withtheir colleagues at the time. Their ambitious goal: to breathe new life into the traditional Finnishtango! Today, the ensemble's line-up includes James Geier on guitar and Florian Dohrmann on doublebass.Uusikuu bow admiringly to the traditional Nordic light music of the 1930s ...
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Tempashot - Certified Dangerous - CD

Tempashot – Certified Dangerous – CD

Tempashot are a new 5 piece Urban Thrash Metal band from the UK. Combining thetraditional thrash metal sounds with a more Urban style vocal approach which draws frommany other styles of UK Undergroud music. This gives the band its unique fresh take on thegenre, allowing the band to stand out in its own niche.Certified Dangerous is the debut album from Tempashot consisting of 9 hard hitting tracksplus an exclusive bonus track. Acting as an introduction and showcasing what the band ...
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Devilpriest - In Repugnant Adoration - CD

Devilpriest – In Repugnant Adoration – CD

The band consists of musicians of Anima Damnata, Deus Mortem and Imperator.Devilpriest is a band dedicated to the spirit of the 90's underground. “In Repugnant Adoration” wasmixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth) at Satanic Audio. Cover art done by BMSIllustration. You can expect pure, bestial Death/Black Metal.Tracklist:1. Adoration / Shem‐ham‐forash2. The Black Milk of Lilith3. The Eye of Set4. Walpurgis5. Ritual Command6. Flesh Sculpted Out of Filth / Deliverance7. Flowing DownwardsGENRE: Blackened Death MetalBARCODE: 5902768610338 ...
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Hild - Valfreiya - CDD

Hild – Valfreiya – CDD

HILD is a new band of Lars Broddesson, known as ex drummer of Marduk and session drummer of Funeral Mist and Black Altar.Album contains 12 songs of violent Thrash metal with Black and Crust influences. The band is deeply influenced by the Nordic mythology and Mysticism.Tracklist:01. ValFreiya02. Göndul03. Wodurida04. Hrist05. Mist06. Hlökk07. Herfjötur08. Sanngrithr09. Skögul10. Rota11. Thögn12. ThrudrGENRE: Thrash/Black/Crust MetalBARCODE: 5902768610345 ...
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Ashen Horde - Antimony - CDD

Ashen Horde – Antimony – CDD

What started off as a one-man band, Ashen Horde now boast of a lineup that has the vocalist of Inferi and Equipoise, the drummer of Norse and the bassist of Abhoria. They've expanded upon their sound like never before and it now showcases a terrific and fairly unique blend of black and death metal rife with both progressive elements and technical bits. Each song offers a new and detailed interpretation of the multi-faceted style and remains unpredictable and riveting. There's just so much happening ...
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