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Kommandant - Titan Hammer - CDD

Kommandant – Titan Hammer – CDD

We are currently existing within a dark epoch. Kommandant took their first steps into the Black Metal playground whilst the western world was retreating into a deep slumber. We can now either decide to face reality; a call to arms, or remain in such a state of impotence. Kommandant brings forth the inferno; an enlightenment and awareness that is both clandestine, and apparent simultaneously.Ancient phantograms, echoing both the struggle of the past and the actuality of the present, make their ...
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Suborbital - Planetary Disruption - CD

Suborbital – Planetary Disruption – CD

The year was 1990: US death metal superstars like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Death and Atheist dominate the extreme music world with overall groundbreaking debut albums. Innovators like Nocturnus and a little later Pestilence create the subgenre Cosmic Deathmetal.SubOrbital simply re-enter exactly at this point now about 30 years later. Their debut album "PlanetaryDisruption" seems like a time machine and reminds in many ways of milestones like "Altars Of Madness", "The Key" or "Spheres". Here wild bludgeoning, exaggerated solo outbursts and tons of ...
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Iron Flesh - Limb After Limb - CDD

Iron Flesh – Limb After Limb – CDD

A melodic triumph, weighted by an incredibly heavy blend of sound that you cannot resist headbanging to, Iron Flesh kick down the death metal scene with their third album, ‘Limb After Limb’. The Frenchmen have once again proved that death metal is not dead. Their nod to 90’s Swedish old-school death metal will comfort those who prefer their music to have bulldozing drum licks accompanied by raging guitar shredding; listeners must pay attention to the latter half of the album with a keen ear.TRACK LISTING ...
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Madhouse - Secret Antithesis - CD

Madhouse – Secret Antithesis – CD

“Secret Antithesis” is the third studio album by MadHouse. The album was produced by Eddy Cavazza who has collaborated with artists such as Anthony Phillips (Genesis), John Wetton (King Crimson), Dino Cazares (Fear Factory, Brujeria), Logan Mader (Machine Head), Tue Madsen (Meshuggah), Dan Korneff (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Papa Roach, Lamb of God and My Chemical Romance) for Silent Ghost Production (USA) and released under the label Nadir Music. The artwork was created and curated by EdiArt. The new fulllength draws ...
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Edenya - Another Place - CDD

Edenya – Another Place – CDD

For the fans of The Gathering, Anathema, Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins...Edenya is inspired by many musical styles: from Rock to Folk including Progressive or Ambient music.Clélia's soft and powerful voice combines wonderfully with Marco’s melodies, sometimes energetic andsometimes delicate, thus plunging the listener into intense atmospheres and emotions.TRACK LISTING01_01‐Impossible Meeting01_02 ‐Somewhere In My Dreams01_03‐The Tree01_04‐Inside Your Walls01_05‐I Hope01_06‐Garden01_07‐Another Place01_08‐ The Shelter01_09‐The Other Side01_10‐Let Me GoGENRE: Atmospheric RockBARCODE: 3254872993404 ...
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Project - The Awakening - CD

Project – The Awakening – CD

For classic Hard-Rock and melodic Rock lovers!Designed and refined during the pandemic, “The Awakening” (2023) is their fifth record. The themes covered are diverse: love of course, fun above all, but also mourning as well as various societal subjects. Get ready for 45 minutes whirlwind of rock emotions!A must-listen for all Rock/Hard-Rock fans with an appetite for memorable melodies and flamboyant solos, led an explosive rhythm section!TRACK LISTING01_01-Blood Red Moon(Auteur: David Clabaux – Compositeur : David Clabaux)01_02-Down And Dirty (Auteur: David Clabaux – ...
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Redsphere - Regnus Lupus - CDD

Redsphere – Regnus Lupus – CDD

A Death Metal shock wave from New Caledonia (South Pacific), that call to the awakening."REGNUM LUPUS", to be released in 2023 is a new page in the history of REDSPHERE, since in addition to a musical evolution, with an even more aggressive orientation of its music, it also marks the arrival of A.SA, (AZZIARD, ex THE NEGATION) on vocals and Mike Heller (FEAR FACTORY, MALIGNANCY, THE LUCID... ) on drums.TRACK LISTING01_01‐3 princes (Memento Mori)01_02‐A vicious century01_03‐War and Lies01_04‐A new orderGENRE: Death MetalBARCODE: 3663663011942 ...
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Kash Flowz, The - Would It Be Impossible? - CDD

Kash Flowz, The – Would It Be Impossible? – CDD

For the fans of The Offspring, Bad Religion, Blink 182 et AFILet's have a good dose of power chords, stir in catchy choruses and sprinkle it all with oriental riffs. Then, let it simmer for 6 years an you'll get the brand new Kash Flowz album. Oh yeah, we had to wait 6 years since the release of "Nothing but Misery", but the Belgia are now back and fired up with "Would it be Impossible?".You can live in a country with bad ...
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