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Cardwell, Dc - Pop Art - Vinyl

Cardwell, Dc – Pop Art – Vinyl

Making its vinyl debut as part of Think Like A Key Music’s singer-songwriter series, Irish-born, Tasmaniabased singer-songwriter DC Cardwell’s 2015 album Pop Art is an excellent starting point for those unfamiliar with his music as well as a much appreciated addition for its fans. DC has gathered devoted listeners around the globe with his smart, tuneful songs, affecting voice and skillful,inventive guitar playing. On this second album, he delivers an exceptionally sharp, melodic pop album delivered with inspiration heard only ...
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Perry Dear And The Deerstalkers - Oh Dear! - Vinyl

Perry Dear And The Deerstalkers – Oh Dear! – Vinyl

Charm, modesty and a lot of talent. As one of the most characteristic sounding groups in Europetoday, PERRY DEAR & THE DEARSTALKERS display their very distinctive sound that has made themone of the most «in demand» groups on the Big Beat scene. Nowadays there are a significant lot of contemporary bands playing garage rock. Furthermore thereare a handful of groups playing «Merseybeat» and even fewer «Shadows instrumental bands».And then there´s PERRY DEAR & THE DEERSTALKERS. Steeped in the golden age ...
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Heck, The - On Your Nerves - Vinyl

Heck, The – On Your Nerves – Vinyl

THE HECK are finally getting on your nerves again with this 3rd album. It's full of exciting garagepunkand sixties pop stompers as always, but this time there are also:The hitsingles 'On My Nerves', 'Lame Song' and 'Fire on Fire' which are really catchy sing‐a‐longsongs; A 7 and a half minute tribute to DEAD MOON with 'Chance Of a Lifetime'; 12 string albumversion of single 'Make It Count'; A song written right after the first relegation of local footbal heroesFC EMMEN ...
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Frankie - Als Sneeuw Voor De Zon - Vinyl

Frankie – Als Sneeuw Voor De Zon – Vinyl

Here comes the very brilliant and very first single‐release by young, aspiring talent FRANKIE (THECOLOUR COLLECTION, THE BALLET BOMBS) from the Netherlands: Double edged songs like a head in the clouds and roots from your feet. Written like a dream but grounded in reality.On this 7’’ you’ll find whimsical Nederbeat and psychedelic folk songs about melancholic fairytalesand strange books. It contains a healthy amount of escapism and “Als Sneeuw Voor De Zon“(translated: Like snow In front of the sun, a ...
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Rusti Steel & The Star Tones - Hey Dj! - CD

Rusti Steel & The Star Tones – Hey Dj! – CD

A brand new album from highly respected Rockabilly musician Rusti Steel. Rusti has a long and distinguished career in music and is still very busy and in demand all over Europe.1. You Move Me2. A Dog Named Rhythm3. Hey DJ!4. Wise In Their Own Eyes5. Sweet Ruby6. I Like It Like That7. I’m a Rocker8. I Lost My Cool9. To Say The Least10. Dance Baby Dance11. Let’s Rock (C’mon & Roll)12. I Ain’t Lookin’ For A FightGENRE: Rockabilly/Rock N RollBARCODE: ...
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Those Deadbeat Cats - This Ain't Rockabilly, This Is… - CD

Those Deadbeat Cats – This Ain’t Rockabilly, This Is… – CD

Debut album from hot UK trio mixing Rockabilly with ska and covering 80s pop hits in a novel and unique way!1. Word Up2. Tainted Love3. Sweet Child o’Mine4. You Spin Me ‘Round5. Just Can’t Get Enough6. The Way You Make Me Feel7. Karma Chameleon8. Hungry Like The Wolf9. I Think We’re Alone Now10. Material Girl11. Don’t You Want Me Baby12. Ace Of Spades13. CreepGENRE: Rockabilly/Rock N Roll/SkaBARCODE: 0703694889998 ...
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Various Artists - Decapitate The Establishment - Limited Coloured Vinyl

Various Artists – Decapitate The Establishment – Limited Coloured Vinyl

This is a limited edition, coloured vinyl 10” with all songs written about eccentric British Rocker – come – politician Screaming Lord SutchA1 The Man In Number 10 The DellatonesA2 The Third Earl Of Harrow The Pat Winn ComboA3 Monster Raving Loony The Surfin' WombatzB1 Shivering Sands The Holloway EchoesB2 Vote Sutch The Bad DetectivesB3 Decapitate The Establishment El CaminoGENRE: Rock N Roll/RockabillyBARCODE: 5024545991611 ...
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Angelic Upstarts/Crashed Out - The Dirty Dozen - Vinyl

Angelic Upstarts/Crashed Out – The Dirty Dozen – Vinyl

Repress:Angelic Upstarts, the legendary Brit Punk band from the second wave of Punk bands from the late70s is here with a great line up: Mensi on vocals, Dickie Hammond (ex-Leatherface, HDQ,Generic,…) Gaz Stoker (Red Alert, Red London, Dipsomaniacs,…), Neil Newton (Dipsomaniacs) andEvo (the Blood, Major Accident).On the flip side we have a long running British Punk band Crashed Out with lars Frederiksen ofRancid and UK Subs on guest vocals.TRACK LISTING1. Red Flag2. Killing Machine3. King Of The Rats4. Take Me ...
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Ab'bhau - Devastaciones Bajo Et Fulgor Del Vacio - Vinyl

Ab’bhau – Devastaciones Bajo Et Fulgor Del Vacio – Vinyl

Ab'bhau's debut album was forged in fire in the year 2018 after mysterious live apparitions and rehearsal sessions. The aim behind this first exploration was void invocation, void materialization. The project is formed by established musicians of the Spanish underground noise, experimental, and metal scene. Connections to bands and projects like Black Earth, Suspiral, Inhumankind, Phicus, Triple Zero, Gárgara, or Sudaria can be traced. The ritualistic essence of this artistic incarnation is based upon the rupture of repetitive patternsthrough improvisation ...
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Ashtoreth - Rites Iii-Iv - Vinyl

Ashtoreth – Rites Iii-Iv – Vinyl

Awaited follow up to the 2019 album Rites I & II, we're presented with 2 subsequent aural rituals from Peter Verwimp intricate guitar driven soundscapes. The Rites series touches on the importance of ceremony and ritual in our daily lives. It deals with our interconnectedness with nature as a whole and the necessity to acknowledge and use this connection as an amplifier of thoughts, ideas and emotions. Minimal, meditative ambient drones with layers of meandering guitars and voices mixing elements ...
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Saaadon - мреть (наутро ночь) - Vinyl

Saaadon – мреть (наутро ночь) – Vinyl

In 2018, the longtime partnership between the St-Petersburg based duo Sádon (familiar to us fromtheir collaboration with Treha Sektori) & France's Romain Barbot alias Saåad (who has curated &managed the BLWBCK label and released Sádon's early material) finally turned into a musicalcollaboration as Saáadon. Entitled мреть (наутро ночь) (which can be translated as « Die (in themorning night ») is centered around the melancholic and introspective poetry of Donat Mavleev,evoking a secular dream, the end of time, its horizon and ...
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Darja Kazimira - Monochromia - CD

Darja Kazimira – Monochromia – CD

Remastered re-issue of her 2016 album of otherworldly funeral chants...in her own words she describes the inception of the album; "This album was a completely impulsive act, the realization of a regular artistic idea, which initially did not mean the final result. This idea was inspired by my great-grandfather, who devoted his whole life to serving the ceremony of "following the dead" (Νεκρώσιμος Ἀκολουθία) and classic examples of ancient Greek literature. But in the end, "Monochromia" becameone of my first ...
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Various Artists - Cycles Ii - Cyclic Law's 20th Anniversary Label Sampler - CD

Various Artists – Cycles Ii – Cyclic Law’s 20th Anniversary Label Sampler – CD

In celebration of our 20th year as a label, we've gathered 22 artists on 20 tracks, all graciously presenting us exclusive and unreleased material. Featuring AJNA, ASCENDING DIVERS, ASHTORETH, BECKAHESTEN, CURSE ALL KINGS, DESIDERII MARGINIS, FUNERARY CALL, KAMMARHEIT, LEILA ABDULRAUF, NERATERRÆ & DØDSMASKIN, NEW RISEN THRONE & CORONA BARATHRI, NORDVARGR, ØJERUM, SHEDIR, SHRINE, SOPHIA, SUTEKH HEXEN, TAPHEPHOBIA, VISIONS and VORTEX. We’d like to dedicate this release to our worldwide supporters who ’ve made this 20 year venture possible and to ...
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Vortex - Haxan - Vinyl + CD

Vortex – Haxan – Vinyl + CD

A hundred years of WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES: In 1922 Benjamin Christensen’s film HÄXAN was unleashed and left a significant mark in history of film to this day. This psychological portrayal of occultism and inquisition combined a critical perspective on religion and patriarchy with stunning visions of possession, sabbath rituals, torture, and demons.In celebration of this 100th anniversary, German ritual formation VORTEX has developed a brooding, percussive and complex musical work evoking hidden energies and abyssal spirituality. Having dealt with ...
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Leevil Featuring John Amplas - An American Caretaker In London - Limited Vinyl-Effect CD

Leevil Featuring John Amplas – An American Caretaker In London – Limited Vinyl-Effect CD

In the words of John Amplas himself, this is “A listening experience that is unlike anything you've ever heard before. Musical madness and spoken word performance collide, resulting in a selection of unsettling true-life tales of serious crime, filth and grime, human poo, voodoo, and the craziest werewolf you'd ever wanna meet.”London-based artist Leevil creates unnerving, horror-inspired, electronic soundscapes, and Pittsburgh actor John Amplas (Martin, Creepshow, Day of the Dead) acts as your narrator and crypt-keeper for these five tales ...
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