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Reeking Aura - Blood And Bonemeal - Vinyl

Reeking Aura – Blood And Bonemeal – Vinyl

Reeking Aura is a NY/NJ based death/doom metal band in the old school tradition comprised of known scene veterans from Long Island and NYC. Originally conceived as a project for guitarists Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, The Howling Wind) and Rick Habeeb (Grey Skies Fallen, Buckshot Facelift) to share lead duties, additional guitarist Terrell Grannum (Thaetas, Buckshot Facelift), was brought into the fold along with fellow Buckshot Facelift alumni Tom Anderer (Grey Skies Fallen) on bass and William “Big Will” Smith ...
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Wes Tirey - The Midwest Book Of The Dead - Vinyl

Wes Tirey – The Midwest Book Of The Dead – Vinyl

Wes Tirey’s The Midwest Book Of The Dead, is an intimate study of the Midwestern condition. A double album, it tells of silos like chapels, spiders in the cane, of drunkards and saints and fugitives; it speaks of wild geese, and the good life, rhinestone suits, Coca Colas, and dishes drying on the rack. Sincerity, sensuality, and humor all reside in the candor and weight of these songs — its playing and arrangements, rich but unfettered, and Tirey’s voice grown several feet deeper and more sonorous. It ...
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Skypilot - Simple Beasts - CDD

Skypilot – Simple Beasts – CDD

Skypilot are pleased to announce details for the release of their highly anticipated third album “SimpleBeasts”. Recorded at Start Together studios in late 2021 under the stewardship of renowned engineer and producer Rock O’Reilly, Simple Beasts highlights the band’s darker hue and is their most dramatic work to date. The first single, entitled “Octofuzz” was released in February 2022 on a limited edition 2 track digipack CD and via all streaming & download outlets. ”Octofuzz” serves notice of the bands intentions on this ...
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Sharks, The - Colour My Flesh - Limited Coloured Vinyl

Sharks, The – Colour My Flesh – Limited Coloured Vinyl

Hugely successful 1995 CD album from cult Psychobilly band The Sharks, reissued here as a cut down 10” limited edition, coloured vinyl mini LP. First time ever on vinyl.TRACK LISTINGA1. Colour My FleshA2. Grave RobberA3. Desire CallsA4. Time BombA5. ParasiteB1. Blue Water White DeathB2. The GameB3. Man With The X-Ray EyesB4. Hanger 84GENRE: Rockabilly/PsychobillyBARCODE: 5024545967913 ...
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Batmobile - The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz - Live At The Klub Foot - Coloured Vinyl )

Batmobile – The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz – Live At The Klub Foot – Coloured Vinyl )

Batmobile are probably the European Psychobilly scene’s most beloved band and are still touring now after 40 years together with the same line up. This album was recorded in the 80s at the legendary Klub Foot venue in London. First time on vinyl.A1. Transylvanian ExpressA2. Slapping SuspendersA3. Love DiseaseA4. FrenzyA5. Mission ImpossibleA6. Ballroom BlitzA7. Zombie RiotB1. Racing With The SunB2. Ain’t Gonna Drink No MoreA3. Bat AttackA4. Bamboo LandB5. Chasin’B6. Cold SweatGENRE: PsychobillyBARCODE: 5024545970913 ...
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Fadeaways, The - She Explosivo My Mind - Vinyl

Fadeaways, The – She Explosivo My Mind – Vinyl

After their two hit-albums “Teenage Hitsville!!!” and “Transworld 60’s Punk Nuggets” SOUNDFLAT RECORDS now releases the latest hot 7” by Tokyo’s wild garage-punk-trio THE FADEAWAYS: “She Explosivo My Mind”! This raw, maximum-energy, lo-fi vinyl-gem is dedicated to the crazy garagepunkers LOS EXPLOSIVOS, the band’s Mexican brothers within the global garagepunk-family. And explosive it is indeed! The A-Side and title-song of this single is loud, fast and out of control! Singer Toyozo’s screaming vocals alongside guitarist Assman’s raw punk’n’roll-guitar and drummer Ozzy’s stomping beat are absolutely gonna wipe ...
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Dronny Darko & G M Slater - Dissolving Into Solitary Landscapes - CDD

Dronny Darko & G M Slater – Dissolving Into Solitary Landscapes – CDD

Dronny Darko & G M Slater joins forces on this collaborative album that explores underground soundscapes "The global climate repair project of 2036 was a success in that it united warring countries, ended droughts, and cooled the planet. Unfortunately our celebrations and achievements were short-lived, as we discovered the increasing toxicity in the perpetual rains it caused. Within two years we were all forced underground to escape certain extinction. My beautiful world was gone, and replaced with complete artificiality, the incessant roaring of air filtration systems, and ...
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Crypthios - Vestigium - CDD

Crypthios – Vestigium – CDD

Crypthios debuts on Cryo Chamber with the album Vestigium. This layered and intricate album of soothing and textural movements depict a post apocalyptic world that is peacefully lonely but with brooding undertones.You must have hit your head pretty hard while escaping New City, the last remaining city of man. You hardly remember the journey on the raft that carried you across the raging sea to the shores of the graylands. Massive structures of bronze and stone swept the barren landscape. Some serving as tunnels entrances ...
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Vessel Of Light - Thy Serpent Rise - CD

Vessel Of Light – Thy Serpent Rise – CD

Stoner/Doom supergroup formed by Dan Lorenzo (Hades, Non Fiction, Cassius King, Patriarchs in Black, etc.), Ron Lipnicki (Hades, Overkill, Whiplash), Jimmy Schulman (Hades, Cassius King) and Nathan Opposition, the singer from Death Rock Doomsters Ancient Vvisdom.This is the second album from 2019, released originally in the U.S. by bandleader DanLorenzo in a limited pressing of 300 copies. This is the european pressing with improved graphic layout also limited to 300 copies on 6-panel digipak, containing two non album bonus tracks, a cover of Jimi ...
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Hades - The Lost Fox Studio Sessions - CD

Hades – The Lost Fox Studio Sessions – CD

Hades were well known players in the U.S. Metal playground. They became recognised since their first album “Resisting Success” back in 1987 where their mix of Power Metal and Thrash was the ultimate hip Metal cocktail. But with “If at first you dont succeed...” one year later, Hades establish themselves as one of the leading bands of the so-called at the time “Tecno-Thrash”, where Alan Tecchio was singing before he joined Watchtower, replacing original singer Jason McMaster.The Hades saga continued until the end of the ...
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Urban Waste - More Wasted Years - CD

Urban Waste – More Wasted Years – CD

The wait is over! NYHC pioneers Urban Waste are back with a new album! The album is composed of tracks from a previous digital EP release who features on 2 songs Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret from the mighty Agnostic Front, plus improved, rerecorded tracks with the new line-up sounding more vicious than ever! Limited CD edition of only 300 copies! NY Hardcore pioneers along with Agnostic Front, The Bad Brains and Cause for Alarm. Digipak format with 8-page booklet with lyrics and photos.TRACKLIST:1 Never Leave2 ...
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After Dark - Rock Diamonds: Live 1980 - CD

After Dark – Rock Diamonds: Live 1980 – CD

After Dark is no strange name to the NWOBHM aficionados. The band's debut EP from 1981 "Evil Woman" featured throughout the years in many Heavy Metal/Hard Rock collectors wantlists. The names Mick Hare and Steve Annetts are no strangers too, for those who bought our Heartbreaker & Ironheart releases. Steve Annetts fronted Heartbreaker and Mick Hare was the guitar hero behind Ironheart. Confused? Before After Dark, they were called Ironheart. Formed in the late 70s by Mick Hare. Mick changed ...
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Hum - One - CD

Hum – One – CD

HUM play slow, heavy stoner rock, sometimes hypnotically simple.... times progressive….They expand the sound of the classic power trio line-up with sparingly used choirs and samples.there are also long guitar solos in the classic hippie tradition...atmospheric, loud, deeply abysmal....very heavy but without poses....sporadically sung lyrics in two voices support the dark atmosphere of the songs.HUM are no strangers..they have been touring the Frankfurt music area for many years. ..their bands were called: Cut the Crap (funkrock), Nanu Djapo (afrofunk), Leyla Trebbien ...
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Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman, The - Lavender - CD

Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman, The – Lavender – CD

30 years of "Lavender"! The concept masterpiece from 1991 available again !With “Lavender” Tom “The Perc” Redecker and Emilio “The Hidden Gentleman” Winschetti broke new ground in the early 1990s. With their first three albums they had already won a regular place in the German music underground, so now they have taken the rest of the republic by storm. The two of them came up with the idea for “Lavender” while they were on vacation in the south of France. On the spur ...
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Ueberschaer - Flow Of Time - CD

Ueberschaer – Flow Of Time – CD

UEBERSCHAER's "Flow Of Time" is a progressive rock concept album with 12 songs and a playing time of 71:24. The songs blend typical elements of progressive rock with influences from pop, jazz and classical music. UEBERSCHAER's baritone and his compositions are accompanied by organ, Rhodes, piano, Doepfer Modular, Moog, string, orchestra and choir sounds, synthesizers, acoustic and distorted guitars, bass, percussion and drums in sophisticated harmonically and melodically varied arrangements. Rhythmically, we are dealing with typical "proggy" time signatures (5/8, 5/4, 7/4 and more) as well ...
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