Press / Tour Info February 2021

Shindig! Issue 100
Nick Haeffner. The Great Indoors. Hanky Panky. 4/5
The Glass Menagerie. Have You Forgot Who We Are? Timebox. 3/5
Odyssey. setting Forth. Lion 4/5
Various. buried Alive. Part 2. 4/5
Nick Haeffner. A New Life Awaits You. 3/5
The Highmarts. Hey Boy/ Tallahassee Lassie. Soundflat 5/5

Metal Hammer issue 332
Godthrymm. Reflections. Profound Lore. 7/10
Porta Nigra. Schopfungswut. Soulseller. 6/10
Svarttjern. Shame Is Just a word. Soulseller. 5/10

Metal Hammer Issue 331
Double page feature on Red Method. New Noise feature.
Charlene Beretah. Ram. Division. 6/10
Mosaic . Secret Ambrosian Fire. Eisenwald. 8/10
Oak. Lone. Transcending Obscurity. 7/10
Officium Triste. The Death Of Gaia. Transcending Obscurity. 8/10
Verthebral. Abysmal decay. Transcending Obscurity. 7/10

Metal Hammer. Issue 330
Metal Hammer top 50
The Lord Weird Slough Feg- New Organon. Cruz Del Sur. number 39
Idle Hands. Mana. Eisenwald. Number 18
Lingua ignota. Caligula. Profound Lore. Number 6
Lord Mantis. Universal Death Church. Profound Lore. 7/10
Revel in flesh. The Hour Of The Avenger. War Anthem. 7/10
Bednja. Doling Su Ostale Iza Nas. Transcending Obscurity. 7/10
Vesperith. Vesperith. Svart. 8/10

Zero Tolerance:
Issue 093 nov/ Dec 19
Krater- Venenare. 3/6
Mosiac. Cloven Fires. Eisenwald. 4/6
Officium Triste. The Death of Gaia. Transcending Obscurity. 5/6
Ogre. Thrice As Strong. Cruz Del Sur. 4.5/6
Orodruin. Ruins Of Eternity. Cruz Del Sur. 5/6
Peter Bjargo. Structures And Downfall. Cyclic Law. 5/6

Shindig! 97
Christopher. What’cha Gonna Do? Lion productions. 3/5
The Goodies. the CricklewoodTapes. Network. 4/5
Various. Silver Girls and Indian Pipes. Misty Lane. 4/5
Crystal Jacqueline. A Prayer For The Birds. Mega Dodo. 3/5
Skeleton Goode. Skeleton Goode. Mega Dodo 4/5

Metal Hammer. Issue 328
Goatess. Blood And Wine. Svart. 6/10
Various. Brutal Africa: The Heavy Metal Cowboys Of Botswana. Svart. 7/10

Shindig! Issue 96
Foggy Tapes 1/2 page feature.
Brinsley Schwarz. Live archive vol 2. Vogon. 4/5
Jimmy Nicol. It’s getting better. Time Box. 3/5

Shindig! Issue 95
Bombay Groovy. Odyssey. Cosmic Eye. 4/5
Le Chiffre Organisation. The Harlem Incident. Soundflat 3/5 Le Chiffre Organisation. Ritual in soho/ funky miracle. Soundflat. 3/5 The Satelliters. Nothing left to Tell/ you. Soundflat. 4/5

Zero Tolerance issue 92 sep/ Oct
Goatess- feature. Svart.
Total Hate. Rapid Fire feature. eisenwald.
Eisenwald. Rapid Fire. Soulseller.
Cold Vorde Ens Navn. Rapid Fire. Soulseller.
By The Spirits. Visions. Eisenwald. 4/6
Come back from The dead. The Rise Of The blind ones. Transcending Obscurity. 4.5/6
Crypt Sermon. The Ruins Of Fading Light. Dark descent. 4.5/6
Eternal Storm. Come The Tide. Transcending Obscurity records. 4/6
Diocletian. Amongst the flames of a burning god. Profound Lore. 3.5/6
Trench Warfare. Hatred Prayer. Transcending Obscurity Records. 3/6
Warcrab. Damned in Endless Night. Transcending Obscurity Records. 3.5/6

Record Collector. September. 19
Wizard Rifle. Wizard Rifle. Svart.3/5
John Howard. Cut the Wire. You Are The Cosmos. 4/5

Metal Hammer issue 326
2 page Lingua Ignota feature. Profound Lore.
Wizard Rifle .Wizard Rifle. Svart. 5/10

MOJO- September 19
Jean Emmanuel Deluxe and Friends. Rouen Dreams . Lion productions. 3/5

Metal Hammer issue 325
Lingua Ignota. Caligula. Profound Lore. 9/10
The Negative Bias. Narcissus Rising. Atmf. 8/10
Panzerfaust. The Suns Of Perdition. Chapter 1. War, Horrid war.Eisenwald. 8/10
Kapala. Termination Apex. Dunkelheit. 8/10
The Take. The Take. Demons Run Amok. 7/10Zero Tolerance issue 91

Lingua ignota. Feature.
Kull. Black Lion feature.
Temple Of Koludra. Feature.
Hex. Transcending Obscurity. Feature.

Consummation. The Great Solar Hunter. Profound Lore. 5/6
Dark Heresy. Abstract Principles Taken to Their logical Extremes. Svart. 4/6
Ravensire. A Stone Engraved In Red. Cruz Del sur. 4/6
Jess by The Lake. Under Red Light Shine. Svart. 4/6
Lunar Shadow. The smokeless Fires. Cruz Del Sur. 2/6
Winterwolf. Lycanthropy can Metal of Death. Svart. 4/6
Wizard rifle. Wizard Rifle. Svart. 3/6
The Negative Bias. Narcissus Rising. Atmf. 2/6

Metal Hammer issue 324
Idle Hands. Mana. Eisenwald. 8/10 Boxed Review.
Jess By The Lake. Under The Red Light Shine. Svart. 7/10
The Lord Weird Slough Feg. New Organon. Cruz del Sur. 8/10
Temple Koludra. Seven! Sirens! To A Lost Archetype. Transcending Obscurity. 9/10

Classic Rock. Issue 264
Tony Mills. Beyond the law. Battlegod. 8/10

Prog 99
Vaura. Sables. Profound Lore.
Huis. Abandoned. Unicorn Digital

Metal Hammer issue 323
Dreadnought. Emergence. Profound Lore. 7/10
Kull. Exile. Black Lion. 8/10
Creature. Hex. Grey Ghost. 8/10
Nocturnus AD. Paradox. Profound Lore. 8/10
Sabbath Assembly. A Letter Of Red. Svart. 6/10
Mojo. Issue 308 July 19
HC Slim. Sings. Svart. 4/5

Zero Tolerance issue 90 may/ June 19
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult. Mardom. War Anthem. 3.5 6
Chalice Of Suffering. Lost Eternally. Transcending Obscurity. 3/6
Goregang. Rainbow Graves. Trnscending Obscurity. 2.5/6
Falaise. A Place I Don’t Belong to. A Sad Sadness Song. 4.5/6
Final Coil. The World We Left Behind for Others. Wormhole Death. 4.5/6
Gloson. Mara. Black Lion. 3.5/6
h.c. Slim. Sings. Svart. 3/6
Idle Hands. Mana. Eisenwald. 4/6
Lightfold. Deathwalkers. Pitch Black. 2.5/6
Mist of Misery. Unalterable. Black Lion. 3.5/6
Necromutilator. Black Blood Aggression. Terror From Hell. 3/6
Parallel Minds. Every Hour Wounds..The Last One Kills. Pitch Black. 4/6

Prog.issue 98
K-x-p. IV. Svart.
The Tirith. A Leap In The Dark

Shindig issue 91
John Howard. Cut The Wire. You are the Cosmos. 4/5
The Rockingbirds. More Rockingbirds. Hanky Panky. 4/5
Green Seagull. Simeon Brown/ Belladonna. Mega Dodo. 4/5
The Mods. I give You an Inch/ you’ve got another thing coming. Misty Lane. 5/5

Vive le Rock issue 61
The Old Firm Casuals. Holger Danske.
Demons run amok. 8/10

This means war. Heart Strings.
Demons run Amok. 6/10

Shindig! Issue 90.
Twink and The Technicolour Dream- Sympathy For The Beast: Songs from the Poems Of Aleister Crowley. 4/5

Prog. Issue. 97
Waste of Space Orchestra. Syntheosis. Svart.
The Honey Pot. Bewildered Jane. Mega Dodo.

Metal Hammer issue 321
Nixa. Opus Tierra. War Anthem. 8/10 half page boxed review.
Kings Destroy. Fantasia near. Svart. 7/10 Waste of Space Orchestra. Syntheosis. Svart. 8/10 boxed review .
Totalled. Lament. Profound Lore. 8/10
Uada/ Idle Hands. Live review Gaahls Wyrd / Tribulation.

Record Collector. April 19
Twink/ Zion De Gallier. 10,000 Worlds in a cardboard box. Misty Lane.
The Mods. I Give You An Inch (and you an inch and you take a mile. Misty Lane.
The Venus Reaction. Crashing Up/ Lifetime. Plane Groovy.

Shindig 82
Alice coltrane. Carnegie Hall 71 . 4/5
The Imajinary Friends. Sound Effect. 4/5