Press / Tour Info January 2021

Shindig! Issue 89
The Honey Pot. Bewildered Jane. Mega Dodo 4/5

Zero Tolerance. Mar/apr 19
Vanum. Rapid Fire section feature. Profound Lore.
Lucifera. Rapid Fire section. Feature. Dunkelheit.
Devil Worshipper. Rapid Fire section. I,Voidhanger. Feature.
Falgar. Rapid Fire section. Atmf. Feature.
Solar Temple. Rapid Fire section. Eisenwald.
Aera. The craving within. Atmf. 4/6
Blodhemn. Mot ein evil ruin. Soulseller. 4.5/6
Fen. Stone and Sea. Eisenwald. 4/6
Krukh. I voidhanger. 4/6
Ars Magma umbrae. Lunar Abcension. I,voidhanger. 4/6
Usurper. Lords Of The Permafrost. Soulseller. 4.5/6
Death comes Crawling. Looking For Semlance. I void hanger. 4/6
Devil worshipper. Music for endtimes. I voidhanger. 2/6
Vanum. Ageless Fire. Profound Lore. 3.5/6
Komodor. Komodor. Soulseller. 3/6

Metal Hammer issue 320.
BLCKWVS. 0160. This Charming Man. 7/10
Climate of Fear. The onset of eternal darkness. Demons run amok. 7/10
Lucifera. La Caceria De Brujas. Dunkelheit. 7/10
Usurper. Lords Of The Permafrost. Soulseller. 8/10

Metal Hammer. Issue 319
Demon Head-Hellfire Ocean Void. Svart. 7/10
Euclidean. Quod Erat Faciendum. Division. 8/10
Sol De Sangre/ Panico Al Miedo- La Senda De La Muerte.
War Anthem. 6/10 Khaidian. Penumbra. Armalyte Industries. 7/10
The Sabbathian. Latium Alterum. Svart. 7/10
Vanum. Ageless Fire. Profound Lore. 7/10

Prog. Issue. 95
Cosmograf. When Age Has Done It’s Duty. Plane Groovy.
Cosmograf . Feature.

Zero Tolerance Issue 088- Jan/ Feb
1914- The Blind Leading The Blind- Archaic Sound 4/6
Cantique Lepreux- Paysages Polares. Eisenwald 4.5
Deitus- Via Dolorosa- I, Voidhanger 5.6
Devil Worshipper- Music For The Endtimes- I, Voidhanger 2/6
Gatekeeper- Grey Maid- Cruz Del Sur 4/6
Arrayan Path- Archegonoi- Pitch Black 3/6
Echtra Bardo- Temple Of Torturous- 3/6
The Crawling- Wolves And The Hideous- Grindscene. 3/6

Classic Rock. Issue 258
Francis Dunnery interview. Plane Groovy vinyl

Shindig Issue 87
Don Stevenson- Buskin In The Subway – Sireena. 4/5
Seid- Weltschmerz, Baby! – Sulatron 4/5
Astral Son- Wonderful Beyond- Sulatron 4/5
The Embrooks- We Who Are. State 5/5
Soft Hearted Scientists- Wandermoon- You Are The Cosmos. 4/5
John Howard- Can You Hear Me Ok?- You are The Cosmos- 4/5
Curt Boettcher- Misty Mirage. – You Are The Cosmos L/P 5/5

Metal Hammer. Issue 318.
Echtra. BardO. Temple of Torturous. 8/10

Prog. Issue 94
Mystery. Theatre of The Mind. Unicorn Digital

Record Collector. Christmas 2018. Issue 487
Curt Boettcher. Misty Mirage. You are the cosmos. 3/5

Metal Hammer issue 317
Dark Buddha Rising. The Black Trilogy . Svart. 8/10 Witchthroat serpent. Svart. 6/10
Wire Love. Leave The Bones. This Charming Man. 7/10

Various- Circles End: 18 dutch Folk Pop Dreams 1968-73 . Misty Lane. 4/5

Shindig issue 68 dec
Curt Boettcher- ASTRAL Cowboy. You Are The Cosmos on the Shindig turntable.

Instant Classic—full page label feature.
The Keyng- Don’t Dig These Modern Tymes- Teen Sound LP 4/5

Prog 93
The Syn- Syndestructible. Plane Groovy

Vive Le Rock. Issue 58
Chris Pope and The UK Chords. Nowhere Land. 7/10

Zero Tolerance Issue 87 Nov/ Dec 18
Brejn Dedd- 2 page feature. Soulseller
Witchthroat Serpent- One page feature. Svart
Bliss Signal- One page feature. Profound Lore
Lascar feature. Atmf
Solar Temple . Eisenwald Feature.

Esoctrilihum. Inhuma. I .voidhanger. 4.5/6
Falgar. La Dama Del Alba. Atmf. 3/6
Hissing. Permanent Destitution. Profound Lore. 4.5/6
Iskandr. Euprosopon. Eisenwald. 4/6
Fluisteraars/ Turia Split Eisenwald. 5/6
Lascar. Wildfire . atmf. 3.5/6
Solar Temple. Fertile Descent. Eisenwald. 3/6
Vanishing Kids. Heavy Dreamer. Svart. 5/6
Witchthroat Serpent. Swallow The Venom. Svart. 3.5/6

Prog 92
Teksti-Tv 666. Feature

Wigwam- Nuclear Nightclub 3/5 Svart
Wigwam- Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose. 4/5 Svart
Sherpa- Tigris and Euphrates. 4/5 Sulatron
UFO Over Lapland- 4/5 Sulatron

Prog- issue 90.
Mystery – Lies And Butterflies. Unicorn.

Velvet Crush- Free Expression- You Are The Cosmos 4/5
Icarus Peel’s Acid Reign- The Window On The Side Of Your Head. Mega Dodo. 3.5
Melody Fields- Melody Fields. Sound Effect 4/5
Naxatras- III—3/5
Sun Dial- Science Fiction. Sulatron. 3/5
Us and Them- On Shipless Ocean- Mega Dodo 3/5

Shindig Issue 83
Various- La Discoteque Psychedelique- Boss A Tone- 4/5
Alien Mustangs- Alienation- Sound Effect LP- 3/5
Crystal Jacqueline- Live – Mega Dodo 4/5
The Mixture- The Perfect Relationship. Pink Fruit.

Louder Than War- issue 17
Muncie Girls- Fixed Ideals – Specialist Subject 8/10
Teksti- Tv- 666- Aidattu Tulevaisus- Svart. 7/10
Darling Buds- feature.

Shindig! Issue 84
Octopus Syng- Victorian Wonders. Mega Dodo 3/5

Zero Tolerance issue 086 SEPT/ oct 18
GNOSIS- The Offering Of Seven. Terror From Hell. 4/6
INFERNAL COIL- Within a World Forgotten- Profound Lore 4.5/6
Kommandant- Blood Eel- ATMF 3.5/6

Metal Hammer- Issue 315
GEVURAH- Sulphur Soul. Profound Lore 8/10
Fluisteraars/ Turia- De Oord- Eisenwald. 8/10

Metal Hammer 314
Teksti- Tv- 666- Aidattu Tulevaisus- Svart. 7/10
Besra- Anhedonia- Temple Of Torturous- 7/10
Innumerable Forms- Punishment In Flesh- Profound Lore 8/10