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    Jarnbord - Gor Om, Gor Fel - CD

    Jarnbord – Gor Om, Gor Fel – CD

    CD 4-PANEL DIGIFILE(ECOPACK)+4-PAGE BOOKLET.JÄRNBÖRD was formed in 2015.In 2017 they release a split album (LP/CD/DIGITAL) with swedish grinders Resonace Cascade.Now in 2021, they are back with a new fullength album AND a new line-up!The new album -“Gör Om, Gör Fel”, consist of 11 tracks, where the first 10 tracks are ...

    Kolossus - Kill The Plague - CD

    Kolossus – Kill The Plague – CD

    KOLOSSUS born in 2014 and, after a split CD with another band (Manon) in 2018, in 2020 Helliminator, mastermind of the project, gives voice to his most obscure tunes into Atmospheric Black Metal with a new incarnation named “The Line Of The Border” released through Satanath Records. The album, which had the ...

    Realms Of Chaos - The Seed - CD

    Realms Of Chaos – The Seed – CD

    -is an extreme death metal band from the heart of Europe – Slovakia.Established in 2015, then the rehearsal stage begun. Band line-up consisted from the leader and founder of the band Martinus, joined by his fellow drummer Peter „Koľak“ from their previous act The Infinite Within, then joined by a ...

    Wulfgar - From The Ashes - CD

    Wulfgar – From The Ashes – CD

    A MUST FOR FANS OF OLD “Amon Amarth”!GREAT SWEDISH MELODIC DEATH-METAL WITH VIKING THEME!CD IN JEWELCASE + 12-PAGE BOOKLET WITH LYRICS+PHOTOS+2-PAGE INLAY.LIMITED TO 500 COPIES.TRACKING-LIST: 43 MIN PLAYINGTIME1.From The Ashes2.Thundering Winds3.Daughter Of Darkness4.Where The dark Elves Dwell5.My Fallen Brothers6.With Gods In Your Heart7.The Thunder Bares His Name8.Setting Sail9.Blood Of Kvasir10.In ...