Realms Of Chaos – The Seed – CD

Band: Realms Of Chaos

Label: Downfall Records

Format: CD


-is an extreme death metal band from the heart of Europe – Slovakia.
Established in 2015, then the rehearsal stage begun. Band line-up consisted from the leader and founder of the band Martinus, joined by his fellow drummer Peter „Koľak“ from their previous act The Infinite Within, then joined by a friend and guitarist Jakub.
In 2017 the band started playing live shows across all of it’s home country – Slovakia. In the same year band self-released „Spawn Promo“ which was 2 song promo CD with only 100 pieces hand made by all the band members.
At this stage Realms Of Chaos was looking for the bass player, since they were lacking bass player from the beginning. In the following year, the band continued in their conquest and played shows regulary, still looking for bass player. In 2018 the preparations for their debut album begun and in September, guitars were being tracked by Martinus.
By the end of the year, bass player Ondrej (also playing in the band Dementor) joined the band and the search for the missing piece was over. In 2019 bass player Ondrej joined forces with the band on the stages and quickly became an asset with his bass playing skills.
During 2019 band was still working on their debut record now with the help of Gabe Seeber (The Kennedy Veil, Alterbeast, Decrepit Birth) from USA who recorded all the drum tracks.
In the beginning of 2020 the debut record „The Seed“ was completed and during the first wave of COVID crisis they started to look for a label.
During July of this year, they parted ways with guitarist Jakub.
There will be a new guitar player replacing Jakub’s role in a few months, his name will be revealed after his first live show.
In the summer of 2020 REALMS OF CHAOS signed to DOWNFALL RECORDS for the release of the debut album – “THE SEEED” in late 2020!

1. Depths (Intro)
2. Pain Eternal
3. To Consume
4. Forces Of Opression
5. World Of Worms
6. Submerged In The Perilous Decay
7. The Seed
8. Another Day, Another Skin
9. Magma Chamber

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 5902693143529