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    Alexx And The Moonshiners - 7-Year Itch - CD

    Alexx And The Moonshiners – 7-Year Itch – CD

    The uncompromising Blues girl is back, and she means business !GENRE: Blues RockBARCODE: 3700398724317 ...
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    Antechaos - Apocalypse - CD

    Antechaos – Apocalypse – CD

    Are you nostalgic for 80s Hard Rock but also like the power of current bands like Sixx Am?Look no further … ANTECHAOS is coming on April 15, 2022!!TRACK LISTING01_01‐Alpha / Laurent FABISZ Nicolas PELISSIER 4’2101_02‐Exode / Laurent FABISZ Nicolas PELISSIER 4’0201_03‐Gangster / Laurent FABISZ Nicolas PELISSIER 4’3901_04‐Enfance 2.0 / Laurent ...
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    Arion Rufus - Dehors C'etait La Nuit - CD

    Arion Rufus – Dehors C’etait La Nuit – CD

    Powerful and poetic Rock.GENRE: Garage Rock PoetryBARCODE: 3700398724362 ...
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    Bad Kingz - Take Me Into Your Kingdom - CDD

    Bad Kingz – Take Me Into Your Kingdom – CDD

    Bad Kingz is a British/French Hard Rock band created in 2021. With many influences from the 1960s and the 1970s, the band plays a melodic and straight-forward Rock sound with Blues influences. Just to name a few: Free, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC… Their first opus is called “Take Me ...
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    Blackbeard - New Horizon - CDD

    Blackbeard – New Horizon – CDD

    BlackBeard is resolutely a Rock band but with multiple influences.As much inspired by Stoner, Progressive Rock, Metal but also Electronic, Groove, Punk… BlackBeard distills such aggressive music what bewitching, sometimes melancholy, sometimes enraged…TRACK LISTINGVultures ; Helpless ; Beautiful ; The Unknown PT.2 ; Addicted To ; Another Face ; Sorry ; ...
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    Breakhead - Disappearance Of Materiality - CD

    Breakhead – Disappearance Of Materiality – CD

    For fans of Heaven Shall Burn, The Walking Dead Orchestra and Misery IndexTRACK LISTINGIntro ;Passengers ;Tales of a Braindead ;Path to Oblivion ;Reborn ;Identity ;A World of Shame ;I Push you die ;Blackout ;Primal Instinct ;Dystopia.GENRE: Thrash MetalBARCODE: 3663663007181 ...
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    Burning Dead - Fear & Devastation - CD

    Burning Dead – Fear & Devastation – CD

    Metal full of energy and powerful moods drifted by an enthralling voice!Delayed due to the COVID pandemic, “Fear & Devastation” is a first album a delivering a rich and powerful blend of Thrash and Heavy stirred with a touch of progressive metal.Ten songs and as many moods, ten proposals to ...
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    Colosse - Orogin - CDD

    Colosse – Orogin – CDD

    In 2018, Seb, singer and guitarist in a Metallica and a Megadeth tribute bands decided to go back to writing music. He composed 9 songs which made their way onto Colosse’s first album. Following this songwriting process, Seb worked with Fatlab Studio to produce it. During the recording sessions, Seb took upon ...
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    Crazy Hammer - Roll The Dice - CDD

    Crazy Hammer – Roll The Dice – CDD

    HEAVY METAL for the fans of Judas Priest, Helloween, Saxon…With an overpowering drum sound, a well-presented bass, sharp riffs, melodic solos, heady English vocals and catchy choruse CRAZY HAMMER remains true to its style. TRACK LISTING01‐Wondering02‐Roll The Dice03‐Walking Over You04‐Another Way05‐Never Show06‐Believe A Word07‐All For One08‐Pray For God09‐Spread Your Wings10‐We ...
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    Crazy Jesse - Le Fil De L'histoire - CDD

    Crazy Jesse – Le Fil De L’histoire – CDD

    For fans of Royal Blood, Halestorm, Pretty Reckless, Foo Fighter…..“Crazy Jesse, a French rock without compromise”GENRE: French RockBARCODE: 3700398725048 ...
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    D.O.G. - In My World - CDD

    D.O.G. – In My World – CDD

    For fans of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Iron Maiden and the NWOBHM> With Jo Amore (ex-Nightmare / Now or Never)TRACK LISTINGMiseryModern HeroSentenced to the EndPassenger of the DarkDesillusion, DesolationThe End of TimeB.O.CDeam of GloryIcarus DreamIn My WorldGENRE: Heavy RockBARCODE: 3254872993244 ...
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    Deadwood - Unwanted - CDD

    Deadwood – Unwanted – CDD

    Formed in September 2016, Deadwood was born from a simple idea, to deliver a powerful and catchy Metal, with GROOVE as its only watchword, drawing its influences from bands like PANTERA or LAMB OF GOD.TRACK LISTING01_01‐Unwanted01_02‐Snakebite01_03‐Eyes in the sky01_04‐Get out01_05‐Whole night long01_06‐Step right up01_07‐Outlaw’s path01_08‐The last chase01_09‐Gold digger01_10‐Come with me nowGENRE: ...
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    Deafbrood - Hell Reel - CDD

    Deafbrood – Hell Reel – CDD

    If we’re gonna play Rock’n’Roll, We’d better play it loud !Hard Rock like you love it, inspired by the genra holy monsters !GENRE: Hard Rock’n’rollBARCODE: 3663663008331 ...
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    Death Decline - The Silent Path - CDD

    Death Decline – The Silent Path – CDD

    Three years after “The Thousand Faces Of Lies”, Death Decline is back with a more nuanced and personal album, where the agression is blended with melancholy. Fruit of the multiple visions of its creators, “The Silent Path” marks a powerful return to the Thrash/Death roots of the band.The new wave of French ...
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    Desert Dew - Mirrors - CDD

    Desert Dew – Mirrors – CDD

    The basis of the compositions is essentially provided by the group’s creator, Timothée. He will seek hisinfluences from very diverse groups such as Coldplay, Billy Talent, Paramore, PVRIS, Fatherson,Radiohead, Tall Ships or even Placebo. This is how he manages to produce pieces that are both effective, melodic and ultimately very personal, ...
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