Bad Kingz – Take Me Into Your Kingdom – CDD

Band: Bad Kingz

Label: M & O Music

Format: CDD

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Bad Kingz is a British/French Hard Rock band created in 2021. With many influences from the 1960s and the 1970s, the band plays a melodic and straight-forward Rock sound with Blues influences. Just to name a few: Free, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC… Their first opus is called “Take Me Into Your Kingdom” and it offers ten tracks. Bad Kingz will take you to Hard Rock’s greatest years thanks to their catchy melodies, Tomas’s wonderful voice, a breath of fresh hair created by guitar riffs as well as a certain nostalgia from the good old days!

01_01‐They Came Here to Stay 03:46
01_02‐Take Me Into your Kingdom 03:15
01_03‐ It’s a Long Way Down 04:23
01_04‐ I’m Seeing Blue 04:49
01_05‐ The Mirror 03:15
01_06‐ Friend 04:42
01_07‐ Fire All I Need 04:03
01_08‐ Hear Me Now 03:31
01_09‐ Rebuild 03:53
01_10‐ Horizon of Hope 02:43

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