Colosse – Orogin – CDD

Band: Colosse

Label: M & O Music

Format: CDD

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In 2018, Seb, singer and guitarist in a Metallica and a Megadeth tribute bands decided to go back to writing music. He composed 9 songs which made their way onto Colosse’s first album. Following this songwriting process, Seb worked with Fatlab Studio to produce it. During the recording sessions, Seb took upon himself to play all instruments. Colosse is the name of the project. This name was purposefully picked to reflect the philosophy behind the music: it’s massive, raw and pure. An amazing blend of punk, garage rock, and heavy metal.

It’s important to note that the strength of the colossus is also its weakness. The colossus defies the laws of nature. It’s big, ambitious, and imperfect. This defines this band, “Colosse” is a humane project, it’s not perfect but it’s raw, authentic, and personal.

01_03-coats of arms 
01_05-left behind 
01_06-the playground 
01_07-the trap 
01_09-the z 

GENRE: Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 3663663010105