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    Blackoutt - The Culture Of - CDD

    Blackoutt – The Culture Of – CDD

    Blackoutt is instrumental stoner/grunge rock band from Slovenia. With uncompromising riffs and psychedelic guitars, they immerse themselves in raw instrumentals, not caring about the absence of vocals. You can find a lot of punk rock and grunge noise influences from the 90’s in Blackoutt which makes their music ambiental and ...

    Britof - Ruins - CD

    Britof – Ruins – CD

    Since the release of their debut self titled album in 2017, Britof strive to become the most ferocious rocknroll groups ever assembled. Their music and chemistry is unmatched. Drenched with dirt and sheer power, spitting out immense energy. Taking over Slovenian club scene, the next step is to spread out the contagious groove ...

    Meduzalem - La Terza Gamba - CDD

    Meduzalem – La Terza Gamba – CDD

    The new mutation of the MeduzaleM organism has produced a monster music that was captured in a studio in a year before the great new plague. After a long period (since 2005) in the underground with loads of conquered venues and DIY recordings, MeduzaleM is now aiming at the international Metal scene ...

    Morost - Forged Entropy - CDD

    Morost – Forged Entropy – CDD

    After six years of fermenting inside the creative minds of Morost, long anticipated album Forged Entropy is about to be delivered. Sophisticated metal compositions from this Slovenian band will bring you the unexpected experience, from raw black metal through swamp groove psychedelia, to slow death metal and blast beats, just to spice ...

    Slavocracy - Slavocracy - CDD

    Slavocracy – Slavocracy – CDD

    Slavocracy is a death metal project hailing from Slovenia/Italy dating back to the heyday of alternative music in the region.Formed by members of local bands Entreat and Evenrain, it droned in the background, honing its blades. It delivered. Their selftitled full length is a mature, pounding commentary on humanity’s basest conditions ...