Slavocracy – Slavocracy – CDD

Band: Slavocracy

Label: On Parole

Format: CDD

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Slavocracy is a death metal project hailing from Slovenia/Italy dating back to the heyday of alternative music in the region.
Formed by members of local bands Entreat and Evenrain, it droned in the background, honing its blades. It delivered. Their selftitled full length is a mature, pounding commentary on humanity’s basest conditions and the ever-recurring futility of existence.
Join the deathmarch!

1. Catch 22
2. Jaws Of War
3. Resurrect Wisdom
4. Deathmarch
5. Tragedy Based Strategy
6. Prosperity
7. Seven
8. Bite The Bullet
9. Promises

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 0764283710178