Britof – Ruins – CD

Band: Britof

Label: On Parole

Format: CDD

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Since the release of their debut self titled album in 2017, Britof strive to become the most ferocious rocknroll groups ever assembled. Their music and chemistry is unmatched. Drenched with dirt and sheer power, spitting out immense energy. Taking over Slovenian club scene, the next step is to spread out the contagious groove like a plague allover. The post-apocalyptic year of 2k22 now spews forth a worthy and highly anticipated successor »Ruins«. Light years ahead of its predecessor, matured in writing, riffage and production, this album will without a doubt take this powerhouse unto a new journey.

Scum Of The Earth
The Fiend
Sick (Sodoma And Gomorra)
Pathetic Grin
Pilgrim Stomp

GENRE: Stoner/Sludge Metal
BARCODE: 0764283710222