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    Balmog - Eve - CDD

    Balmog – Eve – CDD

    War Anthem Records proudly presents “EVE”, the fourth full-length of BALMOG! Like needles in your heart… cold and unstoppable horror is what this Spanish band from the valley of Soutomaior offers in their new album. This new step forward after the release of last year’s highly acclaimed “Pillars Of Salt” EP, ...
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    Iron Flesh - Summoning The Putrid - Vinyl

    Iron Flesh – Summoning The Putrid – Vinyl

    With their sophomore incarnation “Summoning The Putrid” the French bringers of rotten old school death metal IRON FLESH return from the graves to unleash another fine slab of HM2-madness! While maintaining the massive wall of sound by the early 90s Scandinavian overlords IRON FLESH is not willing to go down ...
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