Estertor – Tales From The Ancient Grave – CD

Band: Estertor

Label: War Anthem Records

Format: CD


ESTERTOR(es) saw the light at the beginning of 2016 composed of veteran musicians of the Catalan
Death/Doom/Black Metal scene, militating in bands like Ered, Decapitated Christ, Onirophagus, Wild
Road Roller, Falç and Blazemth. In 2017 they released “Buried in Morningside” their first full‐length that compiled old songs of the band. That led them to play all over the peninsula making themselves known in the most evil Thrash scene. Due to the worldwide hiatus generated by the covid pandemic, they locked themselves in the crypt to compose “Tales from the ancient grave”, a much wilder work than its predecessor. A mixture of the most furious thrash like Bathory, Possessed, Sodom, Celtic Frost together with old school Death Metal like Death, Massacre, Obituary or Sepultura. Tales from the ancient grave is a tribute to the classic horror movies of the 70’s/80’s. Films like Maniac, The Sentinel, The Thing..

1. Assimilating Flesh
2. Venereal Horror
3. Nocturnal Strigoi
4. The torch that corrupted the earth
5. Blood for Sheetar
6. Repugnant Face Of Death
7. Tales from the ancient grave
8. Worship the black goat
9. Keeper of hell

GENRE: Death/Black Metal
BARCODE: 4056813303100