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    Daniele Santagiuliana - Confinement - CD

    Daniele Santagiuliana – Confinement – CD

    After appearing in more than 80 albums under different roles and monikers (Testing Vault, Anatomy, Albireon, Black/Lava, Pariah, etc.) in which he proved to be a versatile artist in the world of sound design and production, the Italian Daniele Santagiuliana this time choose to use his birth name to reveal what is his ...

    Silent Chaos - Pure Chaos - CD

    Silent Chaos – Pure Chaos – CD

    “Pure Chaos” is Silent Chaos’s 4th studio album. Comprised of released singles, unreleased tracks, and works for installations, this 8-track album is incredibly organic and transports the listener in a deep journey into darkness, with cinematic obscure sounds and sepulchral drums, ancient rituals for this new era, Crowleyan influences and suggestions from the ...