Daniele Santagiuliana – Confinement – CD

Band: Daniele Santagiuliana

Label: We Don’t Give A Fuck

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: WDGAF002CD


After appearing in more than 80 albums under different roles and monikers (Testing Vault, Anatomy, Albireon, Black/Lava, Pariah, etc.) in which he proved to be a versatile artist in the world of sound design and production, the Italian Daniele Santagiuliana this time choose to use his birth name to reveal what is his most personal work ever: “Confinement”.

Bleak, hostile and cold are the first things coming in mind listening to this release – but, as every good release teaches us, under the surface, there are more layers to discover: the spoken streams of consciousness recorded during the first three weeks of lockdown in Italy by night showing some deep wounds of a person who’s dealing with loss at many levels, meanwhile the music shows some feeble spotlights where the listener can rest, and even enjoy it, although if it is not recommended for the faint-hearted.

Conceived with a sort of cinematic breathe to it, this release proves the maturity of a fully grown-up author after years of tribulations and dealing with his own inner demons.

01 – Daniele Santagiuliana – Mediocre
02 – Daniele Santagiuliana – A Marriage
03 – Daniele Santagiuliana – The Living Room Walls Are Filled With 426 Long Black Nails
04 – Daniele Santagiuliana – Translucent
05 – Daniele Santagiuliana – Dying Horses
06 – Daniele Santagiuliana – Some Souls Are Eaten While They All Swim
07 – Daniele Santagiuliana – This Carnival Is Killing Us
08 – Daniele Santagiuliana – Confined

GENRE: Post Industrial/Spoken Words/Electronica/Cinematic
BARCODE: 5070002119210