Celtic Hills

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    Celtic Hills - Huldufolk - CDD

    Celtic Hills – Huldufolk – CDD

    Third album for the Italians Celtic Hills who have gradually shifted from a melodic death metal to a traditional power metal. This New Huddenfolk draws deeply on groups such as Gamma Ray, Helloween and Primal Fear.
    The themes remain the same, i.e. texts inspired by the history of the populations of north east Italy.

    Substantial ...

    Celtic Hills - Mystai Keltoy - CD

    Celtic Hills – Mystai Keltoy – CD

    Second album for this band that has in its DNA a classic Teutonic power metal and a melodic death metal. The first album 'Blood Over Intents' received rave reviews all over the world and this new 'Mystai keltoy' just picks up on the strengths trying to enhance them. The production is entrusted ...