Celtic Hills – Huldufolk – CDD

Band: Celtic Hills

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CDD


Third album for the Italians Celtic Hills who have gradually shifted from a melodic death metal to a traditional power metal. This New Huddenfolk draws deeply on groups such as Gamma Ray, Helloween and Primal Fear.
The themes remain the same, i.e. texts inspired by the history of the populations of north east Italy.

Substantial 3ʳᵈ album of the Italian Power Metallers
Absolutely independent, dynamic‐impulsive style
Exciting, deeply thought‐out lyrical concept
First single video (After The Hearthquake) 30000 wiews in the first week

The Secret Of The Grail
Metal Message
After the Earthquake
Hidden Folk
Green Forest
Gate of Hollow Earth
Living Out The Egg
The Sound of Earth
The Hammer Of Thor
Villacher Kirktag
Living out of the egg (feat. Simone Cescutti)
Words In Out (Remix 2021)

GENRE: Melodic Power Metal
BARCODE: 0606707434331