Celtic Hills – Mystai Keltoy – CD

Band: Celtic Hills

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CD


Second album for this band that has in its DNA a classic Teutonic power metal and a melodic death metal. The first album ‘Blood Over Intents’ received rave reviews all over the world and this new ‘Mystai keltoy’ just picks up on the strengths trying to enhance them. The production is entrusted to Michele Guaitoli (Temperance) who achieves the goal.

1. The Light
2. Blood is not Water
3. The Tomorrow of our Sons
4. The -7-Headed Dragon of Osoppo
5. The Landing of The Gods
6. Already Lost
7. Falling Stars
8. Battle of Frigidum
9. Eden
10. Temple of Love
11. Alliteratio

GENRE: Metal/Power Metal
BARCODE: 606707721400