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    Halberd - Thrashbestos - CD

    Halberd – Thrashbestos – CD

    Formed initially, in 2012, when they were just a bunch of cheeky teenagers, Halberd quickly rose up the ranks in their local scene, building a name for themselves with their explosive live shows. They received a myriad of acclaim, culminating in them reaching the final of the London Metal 2 The Masses competition.

    In ...

    Hedra - The Pecking Order - CD

    Hedra – The Pecking Order – CD

    Norwich based Metal band HEDRA are to release their latest Album ‘‘THE PECKING ORDER’ 11/11/22Recorded in 2020& 2021during the Covid19 Pandemic where many bands including the bands idols‘Anathema’ decided that music was no longer a feasible option.

    HEDRA muscled on with passion and drive as they’ve done since their formation in 2014. The animalistic ...

    Medusa Touch - Insaniteyes - CD

    Medusa Touch – Insaniteyes – CD

    Formed in 1983 in Edinburgh, Medusa Touch’s origins are rooted in the original New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement ‐ through various line‐up changes they performed across Scotland and northern England until 1991. Come 2019, the band reformed with founding member Gogsy Sinclair at the helm, backed by Nige Robinson, Ian ‘Demy’ Dempster ...

    Sidewinder - War Tapes Vol.1 - CD

    Sidewinder – War Tapes Vol.1 – CD

    The history of Sidewinder is deep routed, with origins stretching as far as the middle east, you would need Tony Robinson and time team to discover the time and place the band was conceived. However the intent, mission statement and motivation of Sidewinder and it's creation has always been clear, ...

    Tempashot - Certified Dangerous - CD

    Tempashot – Certified Dangerous – CD

    Tempashot are a new 5 piece Urban Thrash Metal band from the UK. Combining the
    traditional thrash metal sounds with a more Urban style vocal approach which draws from
    many other styles of UK Undergroud music. This gives the band its unique fresh take on the
    genre, allowing the band to stand out ...