Sidewinder – War Tapes Vol.1 – CD

Band: Sidewinder

Label: Devil’s Clause Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: DCR114


The history of Sidewinder is deep routed, with origins stretching as far as the middle east, you would need Tony Robinson and time team to discover the time and place the band was conceived. However the intent, mission statement and motivation of Sidewinder and it’s creation has always been clear, those same ambitions and aspirations have not and will not alter.

Pioneering a new style and branding the term ‘blackened crossover’ the inspiration of which is drawn largely from thrash and hardcore crossover while still heavily dependent on inspiration from death and black metal, with also some qualities mostly attributed to grindcore, can be found resonating within the audio assault on the senses which is owned and delivered by Sidewinder.

1. Incoming
2. Cellrot
3. Crown the Alpha
4. Raw Deal
5. Ceasefire
6. Sub-Human Scum
7. Franchise Terror
8. Last Orders

GENRE: Blackened Metal
BARCODE: 5065013380049