Tempashot – Certified Dangerous – CD

Band: Tempashot

Label: Devil’s Clause Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: DCR113


Tempashot are a new 5 piece Urban Thrash Metal band from the UK. Combining the
traditional thrash metal sounds with a more Urban style vocal approach which draws from
many other styles of UK Undergroud music. This gives the band its unique fresh take on the
genre, allowing the band to stand out in its own niche.

Certified Dangerous is the debut album from Tempashot consisting of 9 hard hitting tracks
plus an exclusive bonus track. Acting as an introduction and showcasing what the band can
do, it also shows the future potential and the possibilities of whats to come. With catchy
razor sharp riffs and solos, coupled with the unique style, speed and delivery of the vocals,
this album instantly feels fresh and new.

Offering something different but also keeping the core thrash values to entice those diehard
fans of the genre to take a look. This ultimately results in an album that sounds nothing like
anything else out there.

GENRE: Urban Thrash
BARCODE: 5065013380032