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    Numenor - Draconian Age - CD

    Numenor – Draconian Age – CD

    The style of the Númenor is truly unique: a mix between Epic, Power and Heavy Metal of the 80s / 90s and the Scandinavian Black / Death Metal of the 90s. Different influences: Iron Maiden, Rhapsody / Luca Turilli, Blind Guardian, Bal-Sagoth, Covenant, Arcturus, the first Dimmu Borgir and Old ...

    Numenor - The Colossal Darkness (Reissue) - CD

    Numenor – The Colossal Darkness (Reissue) – CD

    De luxe reissue for the first Numenor album, nowhere to be found and in demand. For the occasion, the tracks have been remastered and two bonus tracks (Iron Maiden and Raimbow covers) have been added. The graphics are also completely revised and enriched. TRACK LISTING
    1. Opus Draconis
    2. The Eternal Champion
    3 ...