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    Sula Bassana - Cv Sessions - CD

    Sula Bassana – Cv Sessions – CD

    CV Sessions are a combination of the time of the Corona Virus and the equipment Sula used in these times, which is analog gear connected and modulated with CV cables (control voltage). Double meaning. Sula used a bunch of small analog synthesizers, 2 drummachines, a sequencer, a polyphonic synth, a string ensemble, a ...
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    Sula Bassana - Dark Days - Vinyl

    Sula Bassana – Dark Days – Vinyl

    NEW ISSUE: 500 copies 2-LP. Red vinyl, gatefold cover.
    Old issue was 1000 2-LPs (500 black and 500 marbled vinyls!). All selling out fast. Released in 2012.
    Old info: After hearing not much about multiinstrumentalist Dave Schmidt (Sula Bassana) for a long time, and after his focus was on Electric Moon all the time, ...
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    Sula Bassana - Kosmonauts - CD

    Sula Bassana – Kosmonauts – CD

    Sula Bassana’s new album doesn’t show a new direction of the artist’s work, but a branch line, nearly a
    quiet passion. On this record first, there is electronic music on „real CD“ of this psychedelic-rockmusician!
    5 long, ambient but rhythmic instrumental tracks, which seem to be made for the „Space Night“
    (BR3 Television)!
    The ...
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    Sula Bassana - Loop Station Drones - CD

    Sula Bassana – Loop Station Drones – CD

    Sula did it again. A new album, recorded in 3 evenings.
    This time some Loop Station Drones. With guitar, effectpedals, 2 loopstations, 2 guitaramps, a syncable
    drumcomputer, a very old organ from GDR (Weltmeister TO 200/5), a very old synthesizer (Roland SH 5) and a modern one (Roland SE-02) Sula instantly ...
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    Sula Bassana - Shipwrecked - Vinyl

    Sula Bassana – Shipwrecked – Vinyl

    Time has come – once more: Sula Bassana walks on electronic trails again and produces an album in the attitude of electronic krautrock!
    After the trance-like album «Kosmonauts» (2010), a further album, based mostly on electronic instuments. This time, the sound is obvious more characterized by all the vintage instruments, which Sula accumulated ...
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