Sula Bassana – Shipwrecked – Vinyl

Band: Sula Bassana

Label: Sulatron

Format: Vinyl


Time has come – once more: Sula Bassana walks on electronic trails again and produces an album in the attitude of electronic krautrock!
After the trance-like album «Kosmonauts» (2010), a further album, based mostly on electronic instuments. This time, the sound is obvious more characterized by all the vintage instruments, which Sula accumulated in his Amoebenklangraum over the decades…
„Shipwrecked“ offers long and shorts, rhythmically intense but also sheer relaxed, restful tracks.
Altogether, a graceful flow, which soaks in and feverish thrills the listener down-the-line: The spaceship runs ashore upon a distant planet and leaves a solitary astronaut…. who luckily has a discman, to listen to this album again and again! 

In fine: This is kosmische Musik! All songs composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Sula Bassana / Dave Schmidt. Mastered by Eroc, thee krautrock legend. The beautiful sci-fi painting is made by Frank Lewecke, who also painted the cover from Sula’s „The Night“ album.
Second LP issue on orange black dust 180 gr. vinyl, lim. to 500!

Moonbase Alpha Alpha 09:28
Shushi Express 10:47
No Time : No Eternity 06:19
Planeta Bur 09:14
Shipwrecked 04:43
No Way 02:57

GENRE: Electronic Krautrock/Ambient
BARCODE: 9120031190615