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    Wormlight - Bloodfields - CD

    Wormlight – Bloodfields – CD

    Wormlight's second EP: "Bloodfields" This version of the Ep contains two bonus tracks and will be made available worldwide.  Basically, Wormlight love classic Swedish Black Metal… there’s just a touch of Swedish Death mixed in too. Their music takes me back to an old tape I had… and I’ve not idea which one ...

    Wormlight - Nightmother - CD

    Wormlight – Nightmother – CD

    Nightmother is the second full length from Swedish Wormlight following their praised debut Wrath Of The Wilds, Wormlight's Nightmother creates a tidal wave of forceful desperation. The melodic leads ride this wave in bright, yet ominous, tones, giving an intriguing duality to the sound of this Umeå based quartet. A ...